Search Engine Submission Tool – What Is the

Search Engine Submission Tool – What Is the Best Search Engine Submission Software Out There?

If you’re looking for a great search engine submission tool that will make your website traffic generation a whole lot easier, I may have a solution for you.

But first, I want you to know why a search engine submitter is so important.

You see, I’m someone who uses article marketing a whole load. I mean, it’s not the sexiest of terms, but article marketing is really the best way to overcome Google Slap. Google and other search engines loves content and as long you’re not recycling PLR articles, you will become a darling and be rewarded with cheap search engine traffic. And after you incorporate article submission strategies, you’ll go to the next level in online money.

This is SEO at its easiest.

Here’s the thing, old school marketing fundamentals work. And even though I’m one of the world’s top Twitter marketing mavens, I focus on the psychology instead of technology, and that’s how to make money fast.

Here’s my rather obvious marketing process.

Write an article that my customers love. Of course, I use Twitter for Psychic Market Research and and give them what they want so they starting biting and converting them into sales.
Submit articles to the article directories.
Covert the articles to press releases by making them read in the third person.
Submit them to press release directories. I’ll often use PR Web’s paid submission as well.
Convert the articles to podcasts by recording the words and turning them into teleseminars.
Submit them to podcast directories. Podcast submission software most welcome here, since there’s so many of them.
Convert the marketing article to video by speaking over PowerPoint or Camtasia and submitting them to video sites like Youtube.


You just read my million dollar web promotion blueprint.

If you actually implement these article marketing strategies and stick to them, you’re on the way to cool recession-proof online money.

Here’s the catch:

Creating website content that Google loves, but content distribution is a headache in itself. Indeed, the painful bit is submission of your content. You want to get the most bang for your buck.

With hundreds of article, podcast, video and press release directories, there’s no way to spread your content as far as possible without a lot of pain.

But here’s the thing, you can’t afford NOT TO cast your net. Internet marketing is an numbers games, because the lower your reach, the lower your sales.

This is when internet marketing maestro Willie Crawford’s search engine submission software Easy Push Button Traffic comes in.

Easy Push Button Traffic cuts your search engine submitting time down to a few minutes a day. It saves you the tedious few hours of creating new accounts, writing and rewriting the author’s resource box, and uploading each file one by one.

Instead, with a push of a button, you can submit your articles, podcasts, videos and press releases to all the relevant search-engine friendly directories.

In fact, you’re able to get to the front page of SERPS within a few days or so.

The best thing I like about Easy Push Button Traffic is the intelligence involved in the submission process. Instead of blindly submitting your content to random sites, you’re able to control the process and include the relevant categories and keywords so that you get as much link juice as possible from Google.

Imagine… With just one push of a button, you’re now able to push your content and get your articles out to as many as prospect’s wallets as possible.

My friends, that’s what smart internet marketing is all about, combine the psychology of articles with the time-saving power of Easy Push Button Traffic, and you’ll get the quick and easy way to generate traffic, where you can increase your website traffic with lightning speed.

Hope you benefitted from this Easy Push Button Traffic review, a write-up of the best search engine submission software. Click here to get the most user-friendly Search Engine Submission Tool now.

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