Selling Info Products on Ebay Rules

Selling Info Products on Ebay Rules

Unlike products that get shipped and lose the reference to your company, infoproducts are an excellent way to establish a constant self-promotion engine that primes your marketing sales. That’s because it’s very easy to link your infoproducts to other online website sales offers that can help you reap repeat customers. In Chapter 8, we will go through a sample online sales pipeline and how to use each step to sell your infoproducts quickly and effectively.

The beauty of self-promotion is that it is uniquely suited to the Internet where self-made experts can reap very big profits, even though they’ve never gone through conventional business channels. For instance, if you are trying to get published with a major publishing house, you will probably face the Catch-22 where they will only publish well-known authors or those people who have already made a name for themselves in their business.

Using the WWW you can make yourself the expert and start to build a marketing platform AND print your ebook to an audience of interested parties, without having to get the approval of a major publishing house. Then, after you’ve convinced everyone that you really are an expert on something, if you want to go through the official channels, it will be much easier to convince them to publish your books.

Great Exposure Worldwide

Another reason that selling infoproducts is so powerful has to do with the exposure of customers all over the world through portals like eBay. In a conventional retail store, you might be able to place your item on commission on their shelves for a period of time, but the exposure that gets you is not the same as if eBay allows you to put your product in front of their members.

There are literally hundreds of millions of registered users in eBay and every single one of them could potentially be your next customer. Obviously the level of exposure you get with eBay for your infoproducts will far exceed printing your book at an independent publisher and then trying to get it put on the shelves of local independent bookstores. Instead, you bypass that entire process and save money in time and effort.

With that number of potential customers out there, you can afford to start pricing your products competitively. Your aim should be to become an eBay Powerseller with your own eBay store to maximize the exposure and help you save costs on listing fees. To generate this amount of product choice and sell effectively on eBay, we will introduce you to different ways to generate infoproduct content that you might not have considered.
Modern Ways Of Doing Business

Now that you’ve made the choice to become a modern business, you shouldn’t have to do everything by hand. Learning how to either buy or generate new content using slick methods can be one way to increase your product line without significant investment. Even if you decide not to go that way, you can also hire third party ghostwriters and use them to generate infoproducts for your online business.

In addition, you will learn about various electronic tools that can make your job of listing and selling much easier. We will discuss eBay templates, CD cover templates, and website templates too. You will want to learn how to market online versus doing so face-to-face and how important email harvesting is to starting a pipeline for your business. From there, you can start to generate revenues not only with your products, but also through affiliate marketing, partner or sponsored offers, and even advertising revenues, if you are smart.

Once you have a good idea on how to use the Internet and eBay to your advantage, all you have to do is locate or create infoproducts that can help you start marketing online. To make it fun as well as potentially profitable, you should pick a niche that you love and that excites you. This will carry through in the subject of the infoproducts yourself, where your enthusiasm can spread like wild fire.

As of March 31, 2008, the rules for selling infoproducts on eBay have changed somewhat. You can no longer use auctions to sell infoproducts that aren’t in physical format unless you choose to advertise them using eBay’s classified ads area. You would do this by listing your virtual infoproducts in the Everything Else > Information Products category. Even doing this, there are additional rules that eBay has disclosed that people using infoproducts must follow to be allowed to work within eBay.
The New Rules

The new rules are:

” No cross categories
The infoproduct cannot contain cross category information.

” Not allowed as a bonus in listings
If you sell other products and want to promote your infoproduct for free as a bonus, you will be violating the terms of agreement with eBay.

” No brand names
Infoproducts should be somewhat generic and shouldn’t promote other brand names and keywords other than that particular product being advertised.

” No excessive keywords
To grab traffic, some promoters resort to flooding their infoproducts with keywords. This is not allowed when using eBay in a classified advertising format.

” Not point to outside URLs, vendors
eBay is really trying to knuckle down on people trying to steal their traffic, so they are not allowing references to outside URLs where they can buy the infoproduct or to other vendor’s products.

For a more comprehensive, up-to-date, listing of the restrictions on selling infoproducts on eBay, be sure to check out The penalties for not following the rules can be severe and can include the following:

” Cancellation of listing,
” Imposing account privilege limits,
” Suspension of your account,
” Forfeiting eBay fees,
” Losing Powerseller status.

This is covered in detail in the eCourse, “Ebay Info Profits”, where I will go over how to list infoproducts that you will be physically shipping to your clients as well as how to list virtual infoproducts. There are differences depending on what you are selling on eBay and you should choose to follow the rules meticulously if you want to become a power seller on eBay.

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