SEM Army – The Ultimate SEO Video Course!

Learn how to take advantage of the massive opportunities accorded to online businesses that are applying SEO to their websites. Join the top 10% who are leading the pack.

Be guided by the simple steps in our SEM Army Video course and start making gains you never thought possible.

Through this course we will teach you how to utilize the amazing search engine optimization modules to improve your website. We will begin from the top, showing you how to start planning the site and work our way to the end on how you should go about advertising it. This course will be easy to grasp and apply to your business.

SEO has gained a reputation of propelling businesses to the top page of search engines like Google, by directing massive traffic in the direction of websites that use it. It doesn’t take a genius to master the art of SEO.

I believe SEO is a simple task you can learn to carry out as long as you are willing to learn. I have attained many years of experience in selling merchandise online. Through my success and failure, I have gained a high level of expertise that allows me to predict accurately what will work and what won’t. I have compiled this video to help teach people the simple mechanics of SEO.

I want my Army of students to avoid the pitfalls of poor SEO practice that cause a business to spend many work hours only to earn a pittance

The top ranked web pages on Google take up most of the internet traffic today? Do you realize that if your site does not appear ranked on the top results page then you are that much likely to never have traffic directed your way by Google or any other search engine site?

It is vital that you understand how Google goes about ranking web pages and what you can do to help improve your current ranking.

One of the most important keys to this is the use of backlinks. The more websites that have backlinks to your web page, the better the impression you give Google. Google however not only evaluates the number of backlinks but also the quality of the sites with your link. If the sites linking you are poor quality then that will not improve your ranking.

Good quality sites linking to your webpage means you are not only popular but also providing quality content and information on your site. Google will look at these factors as they rank you. So at the end of the day both quality and quantity will matter in deciding your fate.

In order to make quality sites link to you, make sure the content is interesting and the site is user friendly for both users and search engines.

In this video series I will show you how to maintain this high standard of content on your site. This is what is called on site optimization. For off page optimization, I will show how to formulate quality backlinks. This will effectively push you up…