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My name is Brad Callen. I’ve been marketing online since the early 2000s and have been fortunate enough to have generated millions of dollars solely from the internet.

I got my start online in the weight loss niche, marketing an eBook I’d written that is no longer on the market. It was an eBook called “Ultimate Weight Loss Revealed”.

Here’s a picture of my very first website and product. Not too bad for having no idea what I was doing, eh? 🙂

While marketing to that industry, my website achieved #1 and #2 Google rankings for every single major keyword related to the weight loss niche!

That’s pretty much unheard of to rank #1 or #2 for every single major keyword in a niche, but I did it all from my 2 bedroom apartment, on a dial-up internet connection!

At the time, My dinky little website selling my eBook was beating out fortune 500 companies like Jenny Craig and LA Weight Loss, who had million dollar marketing and advertising budgets. I was spending exactly $0.00 and I was doing this from my 2 bedroom apartment, on a dial up modem!

I’ve since moved out of the weight loss industry completely and into something I have much more passion for… the software/marketing industry. I’ve also taken my new websites to the top for their chosen keywords. Also, very competitive keywords, in that the owners of the sites competing for these keywords know “search engine optimization” extremely well.

These are just 2 of my many websites. I won’t bore you with ranking screenshots any longer. Afterall, when it all comes down to it, we’re not looking for #1 search engine rankings, we’re looking for an increase in the amount of money our business generates, right?

To give you an idea of what sort of money multiple #1 Google rankings can give you, take a look at the earnings screenshots below…

With the help of top Google, Yahoo, and MSN rankings, I’ve been able to pull in bi-weekly pay checks like the one below…

My Account #2 (Below is a screenshot from ANOTHER one of my other online financial accounts)

I show you those not to brag, but to prove to you that I know what it takes to get a website to the top of the search engines… and guess what? It’s really not that hard, and it doesn’t take a genius, by any means, to do what I’m doing.

Alright, enough about me. Let’s talk about you and how SEO Elite will help…