SiteSpinner Pro Reviews

SiteSpinner Pro

  • Visual, Drag-and-Drop Design Website Design
  • Separate Desktop and Mobile work-spaces
  • Works with all web browsers and web hosts
  • Desktop and Mobile Preview powered by Opera Software
  • Publishes to standards-compliant HTML, DHTML, and SVG

SiteSpinner Pro is a Windows-based professional Web & Mobile Website Design and Animation software package that enables anyone to create rich, interactive Websites for desktop and mobile devices (such as the iPhone┬«, Blackberry┬«, etc) – quickly, easily, and professionally.

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5 thoughts on “SiteSpinner Pro Reviews ”

  1. Review by EMA for SiteSpinner Pro
    I like the program becuase it allows me to be creative. I can make very professional looking web pages, or very simple pages. It allows me to add as many graphics as I would like and more. The only problem with the program is that it does not come with easy to follow instructions, and it is difficult to find how to use some of the advanced features. I think that more tutorials and videos on how sertain features work would make this an out standing porgram.

  2. Review by Ron L. Williams for SiteSpinner Pro
    I have used Web Easy 6 and upgraded to 7 when it came out. Although that program was ok, the instruction as well as help from the company is non-existant. If it wasnt for the forums set up for the users, I would have had a heck of time getting my site done.

    When Web Easy 8 came out, I decided to look for something else. I was not impressed with the previous WE upgrades. I read other reviews from other sites and decided on SiteSpinner Pro. As with any new program of this type, there is always a learning curve. If you are not willing to look thru tutorials and scour the internet to learn, you may want to go with a site that offers templates where all you do is replace text and pics and your done. That being said, I have found this software to be extremely good and am I’m very happy with it.


    It’s truly ‘what you see is what you get’. I like the fact that where I place an object is where it shows up in my browser. It has a built in Opera browser which is nice since I use internet explorer. So I get to see my design in 2 different browsers to make sure things will look good. Working with text, pics, objects, shapes is a breeze. It’s easy to manipulate things and get the results you want. I just recently messed around with adding audio and video and it was easy also. Most everything is built in: want to add your own Javacode? click the code box and type it in. Want to add an mp3? click the multimedia button, choose song, browse to find it and your done. It’s just as easy to make a mouseover too!

    There is a very strong forum too with lots of help from other users as well as company staff. A few of the users have their own websites dedicated to SiteSpinner for help. Very handy. You can use it to build site for mobile phones (although I have not used this feature yet but sounds interesting). I also really like the eyedropper in the pic & text boxes that allows you to get a color from anywhere (even outside of the program!). It also has a built in animation tool for objects/text to do animations on your page.


    It doesnt have an option to give pics or text a drop shadow. There are ways around this but would be nice if built into the program. There are many tutorials with the program that are very good; however, a few of the advanced features lack examples to follow to learn how to use. Other than that i have not found too many things I dont like at this point.


    The thing to remember, there is no perfect software out there and all of them will have the high and low points and their own learning curves. I think that Virtual Mechanics is on the right track with this. They seem to also take note of what users would like to see in their forums and try to implement it into their next update. If you dont want to take the time to learn Dreamweaver or spend the money, this is a great alternative and worth your time. I can’t give anything a ‘5’ since that means there would be nothing to improve. There is always room for improvement or more features.

    You can check out my 1st website I’ve done with this program here: […]

  3. Review by Bill for SiteSpinner Pro
    I was using Dreamweaver CS4 but the learning curve was very high to put up a basic website. I love using Sitespinner Pro. It is very easy to use and as I learn more about web disign and SEO I have found the program to support my new learning well. In short if you want to learn web design buy Dreamweaver, If you want to put up a site pretty fast then get Sitespinner or sitespinner pro.

    The only negative is for every site you have, you have to change the FTP password and file folder and information for each and every site so it is clunky in that regard. If you don’t you will over write you site, or upload site A over site B. IF you are not aware of this you can get pretty messed up.

    In other words if you have more then one site, be careful to change the FTP information every time or you will over write you online site. What I have been doing is designing my site with sitespinner then saving it to file on my HD and then uploading it using dreamweaver because it will remember the FTP information for each site. If Sitespinner did this 5 starts all the way.

    Love it but better handling of FTP information for multiple sites must be better. Despite this, would be working much harder to build sites without Sitespinner Pro.

    PS. Not like Dreamweaver, Sitespinner pro has been great in WYSIWYG across every browser I have tested it with. Dreamweaver is not Firefix and Explorer, and Crome and so on all looking exactly the same. Sitespinner has been great across browsers. It has always looked like the page on the program for every browser I have tried. Very well done 10 stars for that.

  4. Review by New Art Lover for SiteSpinner Pro
    I have been using SiteSpinner Pro since it came out and used its predecessor for years before that. I suspect that any shortcomings I found came from my lack of knowledge rather than the software. The forums are very helpful. I currently use it for three very different websites. I highly recommend it.

  5. Review by hantsreader for SiteSpinner Pro
    I’ve used SiteSpinner for a few years to build a number of sites. Like all software it has good and bad points, but overall I love it. Though if it wasn’t for the amazing help by the regular forum users some features would be rather difficult to understand. If only they showed techniques as videos instead of a manual which is not always easy to understand.

    But, when you get stuck in and give it a go it’s surprising how a complex-looking thing in the manual actually turns out to be rather more simple.

    What ‘Bill’ above is querying about FTP I’m not sure…..but I have a feelng that he’s simply not saved the settings for each of his sites under different names. I run lots of sites in SiteSpinner and just click a button to upload each one…as all the settings for each site can be stored independently, just by entering a different name.

    I agree with another reviewer that it’s a shame that a number of extra features widely available elsewhere as scripts etc are not included, though with help from the forum regulars most things can be set up quite easily.

    SiteSpinner is good and in the main easy to use. Though I would recommend people ignore the supplied templates and start from scratch……it made it so much easier for me and I learnt a lot that way.

    My overall recommendation? Download the free trial and put in a lot of time playing about before actually setting up your first site. Getting the initial set-up of the common (included) items on the first page before adding extra pages is essential. That includes the ‘Z’ order (loading order) of each object.


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