Social Traffic Plugin – Push Button

How it works: this simple automated Worpdress blog plugin allows you to share a single ticket to the blog or page several times with your followers social media with a released planning exactly the contents, and then, taking advantage of advanced traffic average.

I’m in love with this plugin. It has simplified my social media management for myself and for my clients! I also see an increase in traffic that comes from my websites. It’s easy to use, and better yet, save a long time because I use this plugin!

Instant traffic to your website! The plugin immediately share your content and bring immediate traffic to your site.

Automatic sharing social media accounts simplistic plugin connects to your social media accounts.

Configure-and-forget customize after you configure, capture and promote their pieces great content, it starts automatically.

Program works in place on any type of content, a page or a post or a page of WordPress.

Sharing program any day of the week, which can be scheduled any day of the week promotion with a single click.

Calendar sharing anytime once the program of the day (or several times) during the day to promote.

Programming your own local time zone, or in any other area of the Scheduler allows you to set the local time zone, or any other time zone.

Affiliate income may also schedule the tool to automatically promote your affiliate link.

Several messages and programming functions as a place you could write several messages with all programming functions (date and time).

Process any plug-ins-simple installation of WordPress, simply upload the file on his blog and then click install. It’s so easy.

Many upgraded the status of the message that the plugin allows you to use several different messages for non-duplicate content.

County of automatic character when you write a new status message easily view how many characters is still the fate of 140 characters.

“Amazing!” Is a game of evolution of traffic. “” Use on all of my sites in a local business and you’re right, it works immediately! “I’ve only used the social stream, plug in a few days and I have already noticed a measurable increase in traffic to my blog. Get at least 5-10 more clicks on my link that I was getting before! Can’t wait to use it more frequently and see only their eyes, how can I do this on my blog! “Great tool!!!”Gabe and Bill, the killer plugin that you have developed. There is nothing linking my blog I own far media! Thank you! It’s like having a full-time social media Ninja in my side thrilled my content! “” You Rock “.”Once Bill and Gabe withhold anything! These guys are always at the forefront of automation and, literally, to provide tools to assist people to explode your online business. Person and I want to tell anyone …