Spin & Send

SEO is so incredibly important to your website’s success… So important that the amount of money your website makes directly correlates to how successful your SEO efforts are. Statistically speaking, if your website is ranked second on a Google search page, its CTR is 37% lower than the top ranked website. That’s over a third of your could-be business!

Over the past few years, SEO prices have skyrocketed to hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month. They have become too expensive for many business owners who want to see their website at the top of Google. While the rising prices have been a disappointment to many, new SEO solutions have been developed to carry the same power as many big name SEO companies for only a fraction of the price.

Spin & Send is a powerful article spinner that allows authors to create backlinks through article marketing. Article marketing is effective in the realm of SEO but can often be time consuming and tedious. Spin & Send eliminates these drawbacks.

This system allows users to write ONE article and turn it into HUNDREDS of others to be sent out across the Internet, increasing a website’s backlink count substantially. Instead of receiving one or two backlinks each time an article is submitted, users can submit a single article and literally earn up to 300 backlinks!

Spin & Send does this by acting as an article spinner and an article submitted, taking a user’s article and submitting a uniquely spun version to 100 article directories across the Internet.

If you’re struggling building backlinks to increase your website’s search engine rankings or are tired of manually submitting articles to directories, this article spinner and submitter is the effective and cost-efficient tool for you! Spin & Send is easy to use and you can get started instantly! It is as easy as 1… 2… 3!

Our system uses the power of satellite websites to build backlinks. For each article submitted, a unique version is created and sent to one of hundreds of satellite websites. Each satellite is constructed as an article directory and each is a separate domain. This method not only eliminates the issue of “duplicate content” but also allows backlinks to point from a large number of different domains, which has been shown to improve website rankings.

Other unique functions include the ability to spin text without submitting to the Spin & Send system using a classic article spinner, viewing past article submissions and editing articles after they have been submitted.

Each article submission will be submitted to a different article directory. As long as a user uses spin syntax to create unique articles after each spin, the problem of generating “unique content” will be eliminated, which will boost your backlink count substantially!

For a low, monthly subscription of $29.99 a month, you can have access to all Spin & Send has to offer as both an article spinner and submitter:

Spin & Send’s unique network provides your website with more SEO power than anything you’ve ever tried and at this…