Submit Articles

Links are fundamental for the working mechanisms of the Internet. Web marketers make efforts to submit articles and distribute their materials across the world wide web wherever they are accepted. In some locations, the publication of content needs to pass editorial approval, while in other places the articles are accepted automatically. The links result from the fact each article includes a reference box or an author bio where you may have a link to your website. Before taking up writing you need to know the requirements.

The articles need to cover essential keywords, the same keywords that you previously used for website optimization. Every keyword becomes the topic of an article, with the mention that you need to use it several times in the content, and include it in the title as referred to as keyword density.

The length of the articles varies between 300 to 900 words, but the ideal length seems to be between 400 and 600 words. Some publishers prefer to write longer articles of up to 2000 words just so as to be able to show more ads by splitting up the content.

You can write the articles yourself or outsource them; that is entirely up to you. Many web marketers collaborate with ghost writers that do the writing job, and sell all the copy rights together with the material. What you should be careful with is the quality of the written content that you outsource. It is advisable to run a checkup and scan for grammar or style errors that could lower the quality of the materials.

As for publication, you can choose to submit articles manually, automatically or using a software that allows for both manual and automatic content distribution. There are numerous tools now available that can save time and effort on the part of the web marketer; for some you need to pay, while others have a free download. You can now make better use of the time necessary to submit articles to web directories.

Opinions are devided related to the efficiency of automatic submission. In some experts’ opinion, fully automatic software programs could make the submission seem spammy. The reason for this explanation comes from the fact that most of the spam emails people receive are sent automatically using specialized software. Therefore, it’s best not to tread on too thin ice when it comes to spammy-non-spammy activity.

In case you decide to submit articles with the help of a software program, I suggest you test the tool in the demo version before purchasing it.