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If you want to submit articles to web directories, then, you have to provide some interesting content that people will want to use. The submitter’s objectives are those of increasing business exposure: you just want to reach more people and make them refer back to your web site. This strategy is the basic feature of article marketing. Yet, there are a few things you should be aware of before you submit articles. You need to consider such issues before you begin to build any article marketing tactics you may have in mind.

Every directory has its rules and guidelines. You should submit articles only after carefully checking those. Relevant links with anchor text is what interests you under the circumstances and you should do your best to achieve them. Newbies make the mistake of publishing the same content on their home page as well as on article directories which leads to the so called duplicate content. The search engine penalties for duplicate content are very severe and you risk to fail approval under the circumstances.

There are special rules for the number of links that you are allowed to incorporate in the article content. In general, three links are more than enough to ensure good traffic to the business web site and still follow the policy of web directories. Another issue here is related to SPAM or unsolicited mail messages that often grow out of article marketing. In order to avoid exposure to such practices, do not publish your email when you submit articles. Or you can have an email account created for this very purpose.

Then, statistically speaking, if you submit articles manually, under your name and with your account, there are higher chances for these to generate really quality traffic. Softwares sometimes submit articles in pretty irrelevant web directories, and there is hardly any gain in that. Be persistent in the way you submit content; articles need to be continuously added to directories in order for you to gain more backlinks and improve traffic considerably.

To sum up, here are the main benefits that result from article marketing. Thus, when you submit articles you gain life-time links, extensive exposure for your web page, interested visitors to your web site and you save money by keeping the use of other advertising patterns minimum. Articles are cheap to write, submit and use, therefore, they make the perfect solution to spread word about your business.

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