Submitting Articles

Submitting articles to directories represents one free form of advertising that you should not miss when promoting an online business. Lots of people write quality content but they have few readers because they don’t get enough visitors to their website. Much of their work thus seems pretty useless or without finality. Submitting articles across the world wide web will improve business exposure as more people will get your message.

With every article that you submit, you also include a link to your website, in the so-called bio box. Every reader who’d like to go more in detail on the topic can access your website and learn more. Submitting articles to a directory is just the beginning of the publication chain because countless of other websites will take over the same materials by really simple syndication (RSS). The immediate consequence is a flood of visitors to your website, an increase in page rank and superior link building. As long as you provide quality materials, your popularity will skyrocket.

It is good to start from the premises that submitting articles is not exactly the beginning of the marketing process. The way you write the materials matters a lot too. Some marketers make the mistake of writing too commercial materials, and the advertising message will be too prominent and rather intrusive for the reader. Therefore, it’s best to channel your creative energy towards more objective style regardless if it’s about ‘how to’ articles, informative content, news, blog posts, forum comments or product reviews.

After submitting articles, they remain in directories indefinitely which means that they continue to generate traffic to you on the long run. Even if you achieve good results, don’t stop here, continue to submit more and more articles so that your business grows progressively. The diversity of websites that allow for content distribution is incredible, which will open the door for you to reach the web visitors you previously considered unreachable.

Decide whether you want to make submitting articles an automatic or semi-automatic job. Handling the submission tasks manually is not at all advantageous because it takes a lot of time, not to mention that it’s pretty boring as well. With an easy-to-operate software, you should be able to create the settings you want and get published in the locations you select. Choose an article submitter that needs the human factor for optimal operation, because fully automatic submission could be spammy for search engines.