Super Article Spinner – 3-in-1 Shuffler,

You deserve an explanation and I’m going to spill the beans right here, so bear with me as this will help you a lot in your business!

There’s a very structured approach to always get a 100% uniqueness when you are writing and spinning content.

Combined with this small piece of technology, duplicate content will NEVER be an issue if you follow the instructions that I’ll be providing you on this page.

Article marketing is more than just writing an article and hoping to get it ranked in the search engines. You need to choose your keyword(s) wisely, generate fresh content (or at least unique content) and submit that to as many places as possible using your keyword as the anchor text.

Sounds pretty much straight-forward right?… Well in theory it makes sense but in the real world there simply is not enough time in the day to produce 100s of unqiue articles, nor is there time to submit them all.

You see, apart from trading in the I.M. niche, I also own many niche content sites (close to 200 sites) which are making me a decent income from adsense and affiliate marketing every month.

So, as you probably know to handle content sites like these, you need to spend a lot of money on writers to get them to write fresh and unique articles every time…

Whether it’s for my own sites or to build backlinks by submitting these spin content to other places.

Added to this with the new Google Farmer Update, Google is hitting HARD on those duplicate content sites. So, if you were used to spin content at 30-50% uniqueness, it’s still NOT enough. Sooner or later, google will track down those articles and your backlinks won’t count.

Let’s face it, the traditional way of spinning content has MANY flaws. Whether you use the best spinning software on the market or not, there will always be footprints to track down all your spun articles if ever you are going to use them to build backlinks.

These footprints can be in your site URL, the structure of the article, or the fact that you’re using the same idea behind each spun paragraph. And let’s face it, the search engines are getting smarter and smarter. If YOU can easily notice the similarities, why would google not able to do so?

Instead of writing articles the traditional way, we build up a database of tips based on the niche topic. The beauty of using the “tips approach” is that each tip can stand alone and there’s no need for a continuous flow in the article, yet the article will still be of very high quality.

Once the content is spun, we add this to a module in the software, which is called The Shuffler and guess what…

The advanced module inside the shuffler allows you to group together many paragraphs to build a SUPER ARTICLE which has been spun at an EXTREMELY high level – as in 90-100% uniqueness only achieved with Super Article Spinnerâ„¢. This was demonstrated in the video…