The Importance Of Generating Traffic In An

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The Importance Of Generating Traffic In An Internet Marketing Business

If you are engaged in an internet marketing business, you already know that what is important with this kind of business is to generate traffic that will reasonably sustain the operations of your business. The internet is an avenue in which you could easily have the traffic if you know the right ways that you could use in generating one. Building a substantial traffic can be beneficial for internet marketing because it is basically your means of connecting to possible clients and existing ones too. By continuously increasing your traffic, you can be assured that you can always reach out to potential clients that may be interested in the products and services that you are promoting. The good thing about having the ability to capture the applicable traffic is that it can ensure you that your business will also continue because as long as there are clients interested in the business, its growth is inevitable.

Generating the traffic that you wanted to attract toward your business can be very beneficial to your internet marketing business. Having a large traffic that you can turn into potential clients can be rewarding for you as it will allow you to earn more in your online business. The most common means that people involved in internet marketing uses in generating traffic is to gain a greater exposure in search engines. By being rated in the search engines, you can have access to more clients and is likely to be viewed more in the process. Being rated can be done by creating relevant content and informative articles in your website. If you will write articles that are relative to the products and services that you are promoting in your internet marketing, you are more likely to gain the exposure you need in the search engines. You can also achieve higher rankings by tagging related sites and may eventually lead people in your own website. You could swap links with relative partners and generate potential clients through the traffic that these partners will send to your website. Putting the right content in your website will put you in the rankings fairly well. The secret is in creating informative articles that will be interesting to anyone who are likely to visit your website. Eventually, once you have done your best in making your website as informative and as relevant to the products and services as possible, getting your rankings in the search engine will be easier and finding clients will come effortlessly. Having the right contents in your website can make all the difference if you are looking to increase your website traffic.

Traffic is a very important aspect of internet marketing. Without it or with very little of it, your business will be very slow and you will not be able to attract the clients that you want to appeal to. In an internet marketing business, it is important to generate traffic that will be substantial to your business. This can mean that your business is achieving the goals that it needs to attain. By having the traffic that will be beneficial to your marketing operations, you can be able to attract more clients and more clients mean continuous business for you.

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Question by Graeme K: How much traffic would a website need to generate to return advertising revenue of roughly £20,000 per annum??
I’m thinking of signing up my website to the google ads service. How much traffic do I need to generate to push up revenues to a decent level?
I’m thinking of signing up my website to the google ads service. How much traffic do I need to generate to push up revenues to a decent level?

Best answer:

Answer by Dilyan
1. consider that to the most part revenues per click are within £0.2 – £1.0
2. consider that to the most part click rate is 1% to 5% per page view
=> in the lower end (£0.2 / 1%) you need 500 page views to make a £1; in the upper end (£1.0 / 5%) you need 20 page views to make £1
3. Assume that a visitor makes 4 page views per visit.
1&2&3=> you need at average [(500+20) / 4] =130 unique visitors in order to make £1

in order to make £20,000 per annum you have to make appox £55 per day , which given the above, equals to 7150 unique visitors at your site every day for the next 365 days

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