The Must SEO Mindset to Get More Search Engine

Search Engine Traffic
by velton

The Must SEO Mindset to Get More Search Engine Traffic

If you are new to SEO, here are some important seo mindset you should know if you want to do well in seo to get more search engine traffic free. You’ll probably read a lot of seo stuff from forums and may already get known some of the basic seo mindset to get you more search engine traffic. Here are the 3 most important seo mindset many people are commonly get it wrong, and I’ll explain to you why base on my seo experiences in the past.

1) Rush to Get High PR But Not Search Engine Traffic

Many people get excited when new PR is applied, per their seo mindset getting high PR for their page will increase seo ranking, thus, it will get more search engine traffic to their web site!

But the fact is NOT, this is truly a wrong mindset for seo, the PR is not equivalent to search engine traffic at all. If you have a high PR site but not targeting to a right keywords for seo, I bet you won’t get or expects more search engine traffic to your web site, what is the point?

A right seo mindset for PR is generally developed from people linking to your website. So if web pages with a PR5 link to you, you should get a PR4. And that is all it means. A high PR page will get indexed more regularly than sites below but that is all the real benefit it does not means to get more search engine traffic to your site (unless you intend to sell links on your site for money).

My advice to is forget all about PR for the time being especially you are still new to seo work. It will come as you slowly add links pointing to your site. Forget about it now and rather to write more articles and posting to your blog site daily basic with a low competition long tail keyword, search engine will love this way and ranking your a high position in search engine.

A brief mindset about seo PR in case you do not know what is it stand for. A PR is stands for page rank, This is what Google applies to each page on the web and applies a score of between 0 and 10. New pages will have 0 and Google updates page rank around 4 times per year.

2) Submit Sites to many Search Engine

It is nothing wrong if you have such a seo mindset, but the fact is you do not need to submit your site to any search engine to get traffic, period. Forget about this and spend your time on other activities such as building internal & external links point to or within your pages, write more good content for your site, submitting to social bookmaking site or articles directory will even get more traffic, and search engine will index and rank you high as so you will also get more search engine traffic soon.

The search engines will find your site from links pointing to it from other sites, its faster than you submit you site to search engine yourself. So forget about submitting your site to any search engine and do not pay for any submission service. It really is a waste of time and your money.

3) I don’t need SEO as I already rank on top search engine for my name

Some people tell me that they don’t need SEO of any kind because they already rank for “Make money online with Jason” Well that’s good news. But the number of people actually searching for those phrase is probably… nil. A search for “how to make money online fast” is going to be a much more common phrase and this would be what they should be aiming for.

My 2 cents of seo mindset for new blogger or webmaster:

The key in developing your website or blog is to target keyword phrases that have lower competition. This is at the heart of any SEO mindset to development campaign. This is the area you should spend all of your time on before you embark on any linking or development campaigns.

You will not get more search engine traffic so soon at initiate stages, but if you follow the right seo mindset you can easily get faster index for your page and ranking high in search engine without high PR, what you should do is to build more internet & external links point to your pages and daily content update on your blog or website. You will get more search engine traffic within the 60 days.

I believe you’ve have the seo mindset in mind now, in my next few post I will write something about how to get more search engine traffic by researching good keyword, on page and off page SEO techniques. I have proven it many times, one example for my latest blog about Finance niche at I managed to get 100-200 daily visitor from search engine and 1 PR in less than 2 months, yet I have not even submit anything to articles directory, I will show you the exact step-by-step blueprint that I use for all my blog.

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