The Panda Code – How To Regain Your Ranking

On February 24th 2011 Google literally destroyed the lives of tens of thousands webmasters, Internet Marketers and website owners – not even counting all the small business owners that use a website for their business.

With their so called ‘Panda Update’ Google has introduced a radical change in their search engine algorithm that kicked websites once ranking in the top 3 down to position 100 or below. This has sent shockwaves through the SEO community.

I have talked to countless people – many have seen their traffic go down 80% or even more. One friend of mine who had two websites in some very lucrative health niches lost 90% of her Adsense Income. She went from $6000 / per month of passive Adsense income to only $600 / month.

You can imagine what this means for a business and in consequence for the family and for the emotional state of a person.

You think you have built a business – you have made plans. You might have a mortgage to pay and then suddenly out of nowhere the Google Gods hit you with a new algorithm cutting off almost all of your traffic. Feeling totally helpless you are asking yourself what it is that you have done – and what you can do to get your rankings back.

Sure, they say, they wanted to punish ‘content farms’ and ‘low quality content’ – but what if your website is neither a content farm and doesn’t have any low quality content?

To make things worse then you find that some nasty scraper site that steals your content will rank above you! This has happened in many cases. It is like they have knocked you down and when you are already lying helpless on the floor they will kick you again and laugh at how stupid you are…

I don’t need to mention that emotions are running wild since February 24th. It got even worse: In March there were two more updates to the Google algorithm that seem to punish the sites that had already been punished even more.

It is no exaggeration when I say that nearly 100% of webmasters and Internet marketers out there were absolutely clueless as to what exactly had happened and why.

Out of my own websites a few were hit VERY hard – one went from position 1 to position 29 for a very competitive keyword. However, some of my websites were not affected at all by the Panda update – and some even gained substantially. I was not sure if they gained only because others were knocked down and they simply filled the void or if Google actually now liked them better.

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Since February I have devoted all my time finding out what was the cause that some of my websites moved down, and others had moved up.

First I read every single thing that had been written about Panda in any blog or…