Tips for Building Email List

Tips for Building Email List

Email marketing brings many benefits to your marketing campaign. The email not only markets but also helps to build your credibility. Collection of email addresses thus is the means to the end of succeeding in your email marketing strategy. It is therefore important to understand how best you can go about building your email list and do it in the correct way.

Proven tips for building email list include the following:

(1) Registration form can be easily found

When visitors go to your opt-in page, it is always wise to place the registration form at the best location that will command the most conversions. To get the optimum results, you will have to perform some testing by placing the registration form at different locations of your homepage. This process will help your visitors to easily locate it for the purpose of registration. Do not ever let visitors search for it. It will frustrate them, and they will click away.

(2) Registration form must appear on every page

Email marketing opens up opportunities for the building of relationships with potential subscribers. Permission must be obtained first through the registration form. As a result, it must be stressed that email registration should be strongly emphasized on every page. The chances of capturing the email addresses will thus not be missed.

(3) Provide strong valid reasons to register

Give visitors the clearest indication of the real value that they will be getting via registration. Emphasize the freebies such as free offers, free information, and coupons, just to name a few. In all honesty, visitors tend to be attracted by such freebies. If there is evidence of value , substantiated by a compelling reason for the opt-in, your registration form will come alive and your email list will therefore grow. This is one of the valuable tips for building email list.

(4) Registration form should not contain too many questions

Visitors will undoubtedly be completely annoyed with a long list of questions. Precious time can be wasted in filling up these questions. A crucial tip will be for you to ask only pertinent questions. As it is your intention to build a long term relationship with visitors, ask only questions that will give you ammunition power for this goal. Always bear in mind that visitors come to your website solely to register for your email program and not for other reasons. Provide them with ease and convenience in answering pertinent questions.

(5) Registration form must include call to action

Inclusion of call to action in your email registration is one of the many valuable tips for building email list. Visitors, after opting in, will be directed to your landing page to get the freebie that you have offered. This in effect leverages the online acquisition of the opt-in box and, more often than not, achieves the objective of capturing email registrations.

(6) Registration form should capture quality registrants

In order to increase opt-ins, there are many ways to do it. Contests and freebies are proven techniques that may even help build credibility. It is vital to monitor the quality of the registrations. The original intention of the registration form will be defeated if it is discovered that a higher percentage of subscribers registered purely for the freebie. Spring clean the list as email addresses flow in.

(7) Registration form should help identify traffic source

Needless to say, it would be wise to put your focus on only traffic source that is targeted for your email campaign. The chances of getting more registrations will be much higher. The chances of these registrants buying will similarly be much higher. Targeted traffic source is an important tip for building email list – it starts off your campaign in the right direction with the right move.

(8) Registration is a function of credibility

Credibility lends support to getting more email registrations. If real value is evident, visitors will subscribe knowing about the credibility that you have gained via the relationship that you have built with them through the years. Credibility and relationship are crucial to succeeding in building your email list. Therefore, build up credibility and strengthen relationships.

In conclusion, acquiring email addresses is the first step to building your email list. The tips listed above can be used to guide you in making effective preparation to kick off your email marketing campaign with confidence.

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Question by Carolyn O: I would like two email lists to send separate mails to. How can I split or build a different email list.?
I need separate email lists so I can send mailings to former classmates for class reunion without having to send to my entire email list or adding classmates and checking everyone else off.

Best answer:

Answer by dsl278
Create mailing lists:
1. click on “contacts” on the left
2. click on “Add List”
3. give your list a name for later reference
4. type the name of a contact you want to add to the list in the text input field and click “Add Contact to List”
5. repeat step 4 for every contact you want to add
6. click “Save” when you’re done to add the list to your contacts

Next time you want to send a mail to everyone in that list, click the list name in your contacts and it will start a new E-mail message for you.

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