Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Could Fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Could Fail Without Online Marketing

Online marketing is no doubt the most effective way to reach people. Its capability to earn millions is unquestioned.

Perhaps, this is one of the most momentous discoveries of mankind. The internet has brought about a lot of changes in the world. It allowed us reach the unreachable; it permitted us to communicate with the people around the globe without spending much money.

These are also the reason why people nowadays are investing in online marketing for their businesses…because beyond a doubt, online marketing will work for them.

We do have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to advertising. In fact, we have the television, radios, print media and all. However, online marketing still belongs at the top of the list for many reasons.

First, people prefer online marketing because it reaches the whole world. Your supposedly very small business may become very large almost overnight because of the magic of using online marketing because everyone in this world can literally see what you offer.

Second, you reach the world and get millions without having to pay millions in return. The cost of online marketing compared to other forms of media is very efficient and cost effective. Let’s say you use print media. If you are going to make a flyer and advertise it over the world, how much would it cost you? If you were to pay for TV advertisement, you would definitely have to pay for every single second that your business is aired.

Third, online marketing creates a two-way communication process. We do not simply promote what we have. Hence, we get to know what our visitors or what our customers think through the ”Comments” box on our web pages. By doing so, we get to know what they want and we are able to improve our products and services.

Next, it is also very important that we build relationship with our customers. Yes, we may have benefited from them but we should always find ways to keep them coming back to our place of business or at least our website. With online marketing, we are able to do this because we can become interactive with them, thus, making our customers feel that they are valued.

Fifth, in business, we always have to budget our resources. Unlike in other forms of media, we save a lot of money with online marketing because we will no longer need to keep sending letters, flyers or postcards every time we want to contact our customers or offer a promotion. In fact, the current trend is to only mail your customer information if they need additional resources or information about your business. For advertisements in newspapers and magazines, you have to pay for every inch of space, and even every color used in the design your ad. With online marketing, it is always cost-effective.

The sixth reason why people have shifted to online marketing is its flexibility. For example, let’s say there has been a change in the benefits or features of your product or service, or even a change in your prices. Well, you’ll have to hire someone to redesign your ad, reprint it and send it out again…and that cost more money. But with online marketing, you can easily update your site and make the changes without removing money from your wallet. Does it sound great? Yes, it does.

Well, are you getting the picture on why there is a craze with online marketing? Here’s more.

Another reason a business should prefer online marketing is because you have a lot of media choices when promoting your business. You can opt to show videos, photo presentations, audio, blogs or even social media. There is nothing really hard about this type of strategy. It will definitely save you more time and of course, resources.

Moreover, you can monitor what is going on with your business. Through the use of tracking, you have the chance to see the traffic generated by your site. With this feature of online marketing, you get to know what else you can do to tweak and improve your site because you see what keywords prospects are choosing to find you and incorporate more of those into your website.

Online marketing is also an extremely effective type of advertising because you can design your website the way you want it. You have the power to add features in it, to create a web design that would attract visitors and make them stop on your web page and take a look at what you have. The best thing about it is that, you can do the changes anytime you want without worrying about your expenses. By controlling the design, more and more people will be attracted to your site and you will be able to create an amazing impression on them.

Lastly, people go crazy about online marketing is because it is beneficial not just for businesses but for the consumers as well. Why? Simply because it makes everything much more convenient. The consumers need not go out of their house anymore and search around the city to look for what they want. With just a click, they can have it. And another thing is that the communication between the buyer and consumer is immediate. Response is very fast and that is why transactions are almost immediate.

So there we have it. These ten reasons explain why online marketing has become the number one source of advertising today. You need not have a second thought anymore. All you have to do is close your eyes and dream of how money can be made when you invest your money in online marketing.

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Question by Adeel Akram: How can i use of online marketing techniques to offline marketing ?
i want to use online marketing techniques to offline marketing and what should the benefit i get from this by doing this?

Best answer:

Answer by
Use both. You must already be doing online marketing of your business. Here are some good examples of what you can do offline:

1. Print out business cards and when you go someplace, ask if you can leave your business card.

2 Print out flyer’s and and hand them out to people leaving not entering
the premises of a flea market and/or stick some flyer’s under the windshield wipers.

3. The economy is on your side, and so when you are in a group bring up the high price of something and get people to talk about what they are doing to survive and then hand out a flyer or business card or both.

4. Go where people congregate and pick up on the conversations and join in, with the purpose of helping someone earn money to pay their bills.

5. Print out small colorful flyer’s that has about 10 tags hanging down with your website on -They will tear off one if they are interested-leaving 9 more. Post these on any bulletin in any supermarket and go back and check to see how many website tags are left-and replace.

6. If you are promoting an affiliate program make sure you purchase a Domain name – $.99 – 1.99 at Go Daddy and then redirect it to your affiliate site.

7. Go to the mall and purchase a Colorful t-shirt with your Domain name printed on the back. Wear this t-shirt when you are in the mall.
Have printed something like this, “Earn Big Money Daily-Get Paid Daily.
and then your domain name underneath. People will approach you, then hand them a business card.

Sylvia McCormick

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