Top 10 Web Hosting Sites: ?busted”

Top 10 Web Hosting Sites: ?busted”

Go to Google and search for “Web Hosting Reviews”. To your surprise you may find that there are over 6,970,000 results.  If you own a website it is likely that you have visited one of these web hosting sites to “help” you find a good web host.  Although the concept of web hosting reviews seem great to the eye most of these review sites are practicing misleading and dishonest business practices. 

EXPOSED!  It is time that you know the trust about these web hosting companies so that you are not mislead next time that you are looking for a web host.

Why am I writing this article?

I will be honest, in the world of web hosting review sites I am not a very popular person.  As a child I was taught by my parents many important lessons.  My dad once told me that a business man who is honest will get rich after a long time and a dishonest business man will get rich quick…However, an honest man will always be respected. 

I will be completely honest and upfront I do own a web hosting review website  . Unlike other companies my rankings are based on the quality of the web hosting and their services not affiliate commission rates.

 Why do millions of individuals build web hosting review sites?

To answer this question let me show you a few web hosting affiliate commissions:

 XWebHosting – 0/referral

HostGator – 5/referral

InMotionHosting – 0/referral

These are just a few of the highest paying hosting affiliate programs.  Simply put, people build web hosting review websites for money!  Honestly, that is why I built  

Customers are not out any extra money for using these “Top 10 Web Hosting Sites” and the site owners earn thousands of dollars… It is a win, win, situation right?  WRONG!

How are you being misled?

The majority of web hosting review websites rank their “top 10” site by the web hosting companies that offer them the highest commission rate. This is very profitable for the owner of the site; however, thousands of mislead visitors to these sites purchase a web hosting package from a web hosting company that has horrible service and support!  Web hosting review sites are forgetting honesty and integrity and only consider the bottom line.

These facts will make you laugh!

1. If you type in “Web Hosting Reviews” on Google and research the top 10 results you will find the only one of the review sites actually host their website through the company that they claim is the “best web host”.  Credibility Issues Huh?

2.  Many review sites (such as allow visitors to rate the respected hosting sites.  More often than not the web host ranked #1 on the website has the worst feedback from actual customers.  Quite Interesting.

3.  60% of web hosting review sites are pre-built and ranked from a template that can be purchased from the internet. 60% of review sites don’t even take the time to research the web hosts themselves.

What makes better than other review sites?

I cannot guarantee you that our rankings are 100% accurate but what I can promise is that we did our very best to be honest and rank websites as accurately as possible without regard to commission rate.  AlreadyHosting is hosted by Host Monster and that is the company that we advertise as the best web hosting site.  Host Monster is also the lowest paying affiliate that we advertise for.  Our website is going to generate a steady income regardless of the rank.. Yes it is true that we are not making the level of income as other sites but we are doing ok. But our visitors are happy, in the end they walk away with great web hosting and we walk away with a decent commission.  Honesty is the only way to go!


Do not trust web hosting review sites at face value.  These services can be a great resource to help you find web hosting sites but in the end you need to do your own research and decide what hosting best meets your needs.

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