What no one else will ever tell you about making money on eBay.


Anyone, and I mean, anyone with a little bit of ambition and interests in business can succeed on eBay. WholesaleBargains


I’m going to share with you secrets that have taken me 10 years on the Internet and thousands of dollars out of my personal pocket, to learn the hard way.


Everything you need to succeed in a business on the Internet is included with this article, except one thing. What is it?


The thing missing is Y-O-U. Yes, while this information can work miracles for you. It does not work by itself without you. Here’s a story that comes to mind.


The Minister was out for his afternoon walk when he passed by a beautiful lush vegetable garden. The vegetables were large and healthy looking. Big enough to win prizes at the county fair. The leaves on the plants were shiny and bright – even glowing. The rows of the garden were neat and clean and orderly. It was a beautiful sight to behold.


The minister called to the gardener nearby, “Sir, what a lovely garden you have been blessed with! God has been very kind to you. He has done for you what I have never seen Him do for anyone else. You must be very thankful that He has delivered this luscious garden into your hands!”


The gardener looked up from the ground where he was working and said, “Yes. God has blessed me. No doubt about that sir. But….you should have seen this place when he had it all to Himself!”


The point here is: You have all material you need to make something out of your life. The only thing stopping you is Y-O-U.

Nothing happens on its own. We all have resources abilities that we are not using. If you want to improve your economic condition in the next few months from now, you need to do something about it TODAY.


By the time you finish reading this article you’ll be more prepared than 99% of the people making their living on eBay.


The problem for most small businesses is not finding a product or service to sell, or customer service or how to count the money you make…it’s…”How to generate enough traffic to your website, and make enough sales every day to make a living.


Most marketing gurus will tell you that you need to start an ezine….or participate in discussion group forums….or use bulk opt-in email….or do banner advertising etc …etc…etc…They all have their place in Internet marketing. But, for the small business, the mom or the dad who wants to someday quit their job so they can have a life with their kids, all this things mentioned take…..Time, Money, and Non-Cash resources (that you probably don’t have).


For example let’s take starting an ezine, have you ever started a newsletter or magazine or newspaper? Starting an ezine is not hard to put together as these, but you have to deal with a lot of the same issues:

1)    Who’s going to put it together?

2)    What’s the editorial focus going to be?

3)    How will you build a subscriber list?

4)    Will you sell classified ads in the ezine?

5)    If you do have classified ads how much to charge?

All of these questions (and much more…this is only a partial list) must be answered before starting your ezine. AND it’s before you have made profit form your internet eBay business.


Let’s talk about participating in discussion groups to market your website. Most, if not all real good discussion groups will not allow advertising messages. So you really have to participate and be willing and ready to offer helpful advice and tips or ask serious questions in your post. To do that you need to study the discussion thread for a while, or lurk. Find a discussion thread that interest you, ask a reasonable and intelligent question or post brilliant and helpful response to a question. You will get some traffic to your site doing this. It takes time tough. I’ve spent days lurking groups and responded to less than  six questions. I felt competent to answer. For all that work. I only got five visitors to my website.

You might say, well, gee John, why not post more often to the discussion? Believe me you don’t want to  post something really stupid. Remember you’re trying to promote yourself. You have to at least look like you know what you’re doing! If you post more often than once a day to any of these groups. Your going to look like a discussion board spammer-that’s a very bad thing. The best board for business is http://ablake.net/forum


Basic Strategies:::


Basic Listing strategy.

1)    Find a best time to end an option.

2)    Determine optimal auction duration.

3)    Choose the most profitable starting price.

4)    Locate the best category.

5)    Uncover the most effective keywords.

6)    Research what to sell.

7)    Choose auction style listings versus fixed price format.

8)    Analyze effectiveness of reserve price.

9)    Evaluate optional features and a price.

10) Refine your offer and policies.

Marketing strategy:

1)    Cross promote your lists.

2)    Increase your sales.

3)    Improve your advertising and publicity.

4)    Enhance your reputation and credibility.

5)    Expand your presence.

The Ebay marketplace it is in constant flux, and understanding supply and demand is crucial in helping sellers make decisions about what to sell and how to sell it most effectively. The best way to get a snapshot of current supply of a particular item is to do a search of current items. But searching eBay for current listings will not help you determine the demand for items.


To understand this, consider an example. Let’s say you find that 5000 purple ponchos are listed on eBay this week. That is the supply. What if no one wants to buy a purple poncho on eBay today or this week?


Supply, or the number of familiar items listed on eBay, is only one part of the equation. To assess the likely demand for purple ponchos, you can use eBay’s completed listings search to see how many people purchase ponchos in the last few weeks.


It’s important to keep in mind that past demand is an  indicator; it does not guarantee the level of current and future demand.


Eventually, the same people will visit you frequently.  If your website or your blog gives them the things they want, then you need not go out of your way to get traffic.  Traffic will come to you naturally.




JJ Baca







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