Ultimate Rank Protector – Powerful Keyword

Researching potentially successful keywords, figuring out how to best incorporate them into your site, adding properly optimized content…the list of tasks goes on and on.

At the end of the day, even after putting in all that work, you still don’t know how effective your efforts are without spending even more time – going through the search engines manually to see if you rank for your keyword terms, checking your analytics to see if any of the keyword terms are leading traffic into your site…

The time spent on administrative tasks for SEO adds up, and takes away from the time you could spend getting quality content on your site, link-building, or any number of tasks that would improve your visibility (and profits).

Even if you’ve seen some success in your SEO efforts, it can be difficult to wade through all the data to find out which terms are giving you the best return on your investment…

Only those web pages that rank at the top of the search engines (that is on page one, and ideally in the top 10 search results) can expect to see any real return on their efforts. What this means is, unless you can rank on page one for your keyword term, you are wasting time and money in optimizing for that keyword.

Very few people bother to look at the second page of SEO listings, and if you are 4, 5 or 10 pages back, you can forget about seeing any immediate returns for your efforts.

What if you could get real, reliable results it would help you to track where your best keywords rank in the major search engines?

Imagine the time and effort you’d save if you could pool all those resources right within your WordPress blog.

No more wasted effort on keywords that are impossible to rank for, and no more time spent digging through page after page of reports without any definitive answers…

Even better, these results could be yours with just a few clicks of the mouse — no more hours spent setting up complicated data reports, and no wasted time spent researching your search engine rankings by hand.

The best part is, once you have a thorough understanding of which keywords are performing best for you, you’ll know exactly where to target your link building and marketing efforts.

That means every incoming link, and every keyword optimized page will be working towards building your page rank for keywords that can be highly successful and bring in big profits.

If you can build on those three things, you can gain tremendous profits that will only continue to grow as your site grows in popularity.

You won’t have to work at it 24/7, and you won’t have to spend money online PPC campaigns either. Can you picture how much better your life will be once you can stop worrying about money and start enjoying the things in life that you deserve?

There are literally thousands of profitable niches available out there right now. Once you have built a profit on one blog, you…