Web Promotion Through Viral Marketing Campaigns

Web Promotion Through Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral marketing campaigns are the hottest new buzz phrase in the world of web promotion. Viral marketing campaigns involve using word-of-mouth and other related, but more sophisticated marketing weapons to publicize your business and generate traffic to your website. Viral marketing campaigns can be cheap and yet extremely effective marketing strategies for companies of all sizes and industries.

Well executed viral marketing campaigns will succeed in spreading the word about your business or website to thousands, even millions of people in a very short time. And the best part is that viral marketing campaigns are cheap, as most of the actual work is done by your customers, or to extend the “virus” analogy, the hosts. In this respect, the dynamics of viral marketing campaigns is not unlike that of biological or computer viruses.

When a biological virus attaches itself to a host, it will multiply rapidly and, pretty soon, an exponentially growing virus population will explode within the host. Well designed viral marketing campaigns can spread your promotional message in similar numbers on the internet and create massive and cheap publicity for your business.

Launching successful viral marketing campaigns is not as easy as it might sound. For starters, not all viral marketing campaigns are uniformly successful. A mishandled viral marketing campaign can be annoying and could easily drive away prospective customers. The key to successful viral marketing campaigns is unique and useful content that users will voluntarily share with their friends and family. Content is king. The promotional aspect of your viral marketing campaigns must be incidental to the content – at least that is how it must appear to the prospective customer.

If you are thinking about launching viral marketing campaigns to promote your business or website, here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction.

1. Subtlety is the key: As mentioned earlier, the key to successful viral marketing campaigns is the subtlety of the advertisement. This point cannot be over emphasized. Viral messages can be part of an email, an eBook or a piece of software, but the important fact is that the message must be relevant, unobtrusive and incidental.

2. Appeal to emotions: Analyzing successful viral marketing campaigns of the past clearly indicates that the most important quality of a good viral message is that it must contain a compelling call to action. A viral message that does not elicit an emotional or immediate response is unlikely to be effective.

3. Be unique: It is vital to stand out from the competition. However, this is easier said than done. The competition in the world of e-commerce is cutthroat. Nothing short of the most creative and original viral marketing campaigns will be successful.

4. Encourage sharing: The process of sharing is the back bone of viral marketing campaigns. Miss no opportunity to encourage or entice your customers to spread the word and share information about your business. But take care not to get pushy or annoying.

5. Persist with the promotion: Strong viral marketing campaigns are persistent. Once you have a toehold in some kind of social network, be persistent and develop a following. If possible, come up with a sequel for your campaign.

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