Webpage Design Basics

Webpage Design Basics

The definition of Webpage design may vary since it covers a wide array of tasks. The most basic definition of Web design is the collective task of conceptualizing, planning, forming, and executing the blueprint of Web page or Website. Web design includes the information and user interface design but not programming. The end product would be web content that is ready to be displayed by an internet browser or a web based graphical user interface; commonly known as GUIs.

The primary objective in web design is to create a web page or website that exhibits content in the form of web pages to the viewers. Content would include interfaces and interactive features. Tables, forms, text, and bit mapped images like GIFs, PNG, and JPEG, can be fixed and displayed on a webpage using HML tags, HTML, or XHTML.
Other forms of more complex media like animations, sound, video, and vector graphics, entail the use of plug-ins like QuickTime, Flash, and Java for example. A Plug-in is fixed onto a web page via HTML or XHTML tags.

New aspects to Web design are continually being added because of the speedy development of the Internet. Use of XML and XHYML combined with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to arrange and control web page content is now more prevalent since many browsers were improved to accommodate W3C standards. The newest standards and proposals are in the endeavor of letting users manage a wide range of media and accessibility options without the use of plug-ins.

Web pages are categorized as dynamic or static. Static web pages do not vary contents and layouts unless a person, called a web master or a programmer, manually configures the values on the pages. On the other hand, Dynamic web pages transform contents and appearance to adapt or respond to the end user’s actions or to the changes in the environment; time, user, database adjustments, etc.

Client side script languages such as Jscript, JavaScript, Action Script, different media players, PDF plug-ins, and others, are used to change content from the client’s side or from the end user’s computer. Server side scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, Coldfusion, Perl, JSP, Python, and more, are use to store and compile dynamic webpage content. Both client side and server side scripts are used in complex pages.

The increasing number of people specializing in the fields of communication design and information technology may lead to categorizing web design as specifically managing web pages alone. Web development will have an inclination to mean overall organization of all web based services.

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Question by iFikrah: How do you say to someone that the webpage design they worked on looks bad, in an indirect way?
without the mean of offending, just to say the truth that would let them rethink and design it again.

Best answer:

Answer by monaUK
give them ideas, tell them what u would like,

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