What Business is the “Best Home Based

What Business is the “Best Home Based Internet Business”

When looking at home based Internet businesses there are a lot of things to consider when trying to determine which one is best.

Best can often mean what fits the needs and interests of the home based business entrepreneur and there are thousands of businesses to choose from.

Which ones can offer the best results for entrepreneurs looking to make a part time or full time executive income generally determine what “best home based Internet business” means for most.

When looking at the factors for making money online from home using the Internet here are some things to look for:

1. Residual Based Income – The business model should provide a residual based income and since a residual based income model is essential for success regardless of the business.
By being able to build and grow your income base using sales from previous months you are able to gain momentum and make more money.

2. Offering a Unique Product in the Marketplace – The business opportunity should provides a product that is not saturated in the marketplace. Having a unique product that does not have tens of thousands of people trying to sell it is a huge plus and makes your chances for success that much greater.

3. Large Commission Structure – the product sales should provide a commission of 35% to 45% which puts cash in your pocket faster and requires fewer sales. There are many home based internet businesses that do not offer that which are still good but the higher the commission the better.

4. Offer a High Priced Item to Sell – Having a product line that offers high priced sales reduces the number of sales you need to achieve your financial goals. If a product costs .00 and you want to make ,000 per month the number of sales needed will be significant. On the other hand if you have products to sell that range from 0 to ,000 the number of sales is greatly reduced.

5. Great Internet Training and Back End Support – Starting a home based computer business using the Internet is a process which requires entrepreneurs to learn many new things. Finding a company that can help the through the ups and downs once the money is paid to get started is essential.

6. High Integrity – Finding a company that is made up of professionals from all walks of life with ownership that cares about the people who work with them is important when starting a new buwsiness from home. Legitimate home based companies do not allow gimmicks or income claims to try to lure people into their business since it is normally not looked upon favorably by government agencies which monitor home based Internet businesses. Do your homework when starting a new business from home and try to find out who the owners are and their background. Remember that starting a home based business will take months and perhaps even a year or more to achieve full time income so beware of the popular “get rich quick” advertising claims.

7. Internet Based Traffic Driven – The home based business should rely on the power of the Internet to work – there are now over 1.5 billion internet users around the world and more getting on every day. Instead of selling friends and family the home based business opportunity should show you how to market yourself on the Internet and get in front of people online. Most home based Internet business companies provide websites for their workers but normally modifications and training is needed to make them more effective.
Find some samples of the websites you will be able to use with your new home business.

8. The Home Based Internet System Lead Funnel – The home based Internet business should be able to help in the prospecting and qualifying of online leads. Many online businesses now provide a back end system to do all the sifting and sorting online via a system of websites and follow up emails – this eliminates the need to call and try to “convince” prospects. Many systems are designed to do all the work for you and find the prospects.

9. Excellent Back End Training and Support. The company provides live confernce calls 5 days a week and showcases the top producers and what they do to get results. They provide Internet marketing training, support, advice and have question and answer sessions for members.

If you can find a home based business model that incorporates as many or all of the factors mentioned above you will have a better chance for achieving success and making money from home.  

There are thousands of home based Internet business opportunities out there but very few offer a wide range of benefits and features that are needed to help entrepreneurs earn a full time or part time opportunity. Our research found that the best home based business opportunity using a computer and Internet was the “Carbon Copy” marketing system at

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Sean Callahan is an internet marketing expert who has worked with hundreds of business across the United States for the past 7 years. He is the editor for www.homebasedbeachbusiness.com and helps home based entrepreneurs make money from home in addition to working with small business owners.

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Question by jofkorn1037: How can I find someone to help start an internet business?
I have an idea for a internet business which will require quite a bit of money to start, but I am sure it will make plenty of money. Where should I go to get this started? How can I make sure that even though I am not very well rehearsed in the internet technology, that if I share my idea with someone I will get paid.

Best answer:

Answer by Judy
If you have neither the technical skills to implement it nor the money to finance it, you’re going to have a hard time making money from just an idea.

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