YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

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A complete, task-based guide to developing, implementing, and tracking a video marketing strategy Online video marketing is crucial in today’s marketplace. This guide teaches you proven, practical guidelines for developing and implementing video marketing for your organization. If you’re a marketer, advertising professional, consultant, or small business owner, here’s a relevant guide to understanding video marketing tactics, developing a strategy, implementing the campaign, and th

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YouTube and Video Marketing : An Hour a Day by Greg Jarboe

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5 thoughts on “YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day ”

  1. Review by R. van den Boogaard for YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day
    Unlike some other books on the topic of video marketing, Greg Jarboe really GETS it. You can really tell that Jarboe is a PR-professional that knows what he’s talking about. Whereas most books describe YouTube’s features one-by-one, his advice is solid-as-rock and genuinely helps in mapping out a video marketing strategy and implementing it on a daily basis. I love his quote that “YouTube is the center of your video marketing strategy, but not the circumference”. What Jarboe means by this statement is that you should not ignore other video sharing platforms (e.g. Vimeo, Metacafe, MySpace, Blip, etc.), but use YouTube as the core of your video marketing efforts. For one, ability to embed is universal, allowing yourself or other users to spread your content to other social networks.

  2. Review by Brian K. Seitz for YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day
    When I received YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day I dove straight into it. I’m a technical person and have been working with Marketers all my life either to build systems or help in presales engagements. As Marketing has is becoming an online experience more and more, it makes sense to arm oneself with knowledge of the various media options. YupTube, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are become forces to deal with in the online world.

    Initially I expected a Step by Step, how-to guide. However as I dug through the book I kept asking myself when I was going to get to the first step. It isn’t until halfway in that I started to find some technical aspects of how-to. But even these were not the “here’s how” I expected. After completing the book, I initially felt I had not really gotten what I had hoped for.

    However, I then reread the book. This time with a marketer’s perspective. It reads more like a novel than an procedures manual and has one linger and investigate how others are engaging community and creating effective followings through YouTube Marketing. My opinion changed from a (2) to (4) stars after that insight. If you are looking for a technical step by step of loading videos, skip this book. If however, you want to get a flavor of how ours are being successful marketing with you tube and the elements to build your own campaigns. This is worth the investment and a second reading.

  3. Review by Lee Odden for YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day
    “Master Story Teller”, that’s how I would describe Greg Jarboe, someone I’ve known in the internet marketing and PR world for several years. Now he’s pioneered yet another essential digital marketing channel: online video. In YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day, Greg has assembled a priceless collection of insights, examples and practical tips for companies that want, that need, to understand how to use video marketing to grow their business. You cannot afford to miss this story.”

    That’s the endorsement I gave Greg’s new book based on the pre-published preview copy. I got ahold of a copy of the final book summer 2009 and I thought it very timely to provide a more in-depth review.

    As an active participant in the marketing industry ([…]), I see a lot of companies trying to get their arms around what will be the “next big thing” in digital marketing and social media. With YouTube the second most popular search engine after Google, video marketing is a big part of that answer.

    What’s great about the “An Hour A Day” series from Wiley is that each book is structured around practical tips. Sure, there’s mention of a dead terrorist Ventriloquist dummy and Paris Hilton in jail, but you’ll also find great background information on the emergence of YouTube as the dominant online video hosting service on the front end and “Mysteries of Online Video Revealed” on the back end. In between, chapters 3-10 offer a day by day, week by week plan for developing and executing a video marketing effort over 8 months that any motivated marketer can follow.

    The “guts” of the practical tips in this book start with mapping out a video marketing strategy, finding influencers on YouTube and other video services and a clever reversal of the “old map of mass media”. You’ll also find very specific video optimization tips starting with keyword research and tools as well as specific video optimization tips for YouTube, other video sites and types of video promotion.

    A few of the useful video optimization tips include:

    1. YouTube SEO involves including keywords in the title, description and tags. Attracting views and ratings is also helpful for better rankings on YouTube.

    2. Web video SEO involves using keywords on the page the video is embedded in as well as in anchor text links to the page. Filenames, metadata and RSS enclosures are also opportunities for keyword inclusion.

    You’ll find many more tips on video marketing besides those focused on SEO. The video marketing plan outlined in Jarboe’s book continues with tips on creating viral video content using an ample number of specific examples and then covers the brass tacks of creating a YouTube channel and socializing within the YouTube community.

    While a lot of the popular videos on the web are of the home grown, Flip video type, there’s a lot to be said for good video production skills and chapter 6 covers everything from video formats to ideal resolution to editing software. Jarboe also offers advice on becoming a YouTube partner and advertiser before getting into the metrics of YouTube Insight (Trust but Verify) and illustrating the measurement of outcomes vs outputs.

    In the way that Andrew Goodman “wrote the book” on Google AdWords, Greg Jarboe is undoubtedly the guy who “wrote the book” on YouTube and Video Marketing. If video is in your social media and content marketing future, this book is an excellent starting point.

    Check it out:

    YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day

  4. Review by David M. Scott for YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day
    Online video is a great way for anyone to get the word out about their products and services (or even themselves). Musicians and comedians were among the first to use YouTube videos, but now, with the help of Greg Jarboe’s book, anyone can get the word out on YouTube. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofits all make use of video. Even job hunters ause YouTube to supplement the traditional C.V. or résumé.

    It’s so exciting that we’re living in a time when we can reach the world directly, without having to spend enormous amounts of money on advertising and without investing big bucks in PR efforts to convince the media to talk up our products and services. Now we can publish great video online that people are eager to share with their friends, family, and colleagues.

    And it’s not just the viral aspects. Videos are easy to embed into your Website, which helps people to learn more at the point where they are ready to buy.

    This book provides everything you need to know. And it’s written in a quick and approachable style. I had done a bunch of videos before I got the book so I was not a novice. But I’m certainly not an expert either. I learned a great deal and will refer to it often.

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