Advertising Techniques for eBay Sellers: The

Advertising Techniques for eBay Sellers: The Power of Keywords

Every entrepreneur knows that advertising is the lifeblood of business. The only way to sell a product and attract customers is through advertising. However, advertising on eBay is different from advertising in a brick and mortar world. To effectively advertise on eBay the seller must do keyword research and write effective copy and titles for their auction items. By following the advice below and carefully writing auction titles and descriptions a seller can easily increase the selling price of their product.

Most buyers on eBay find the product they are shopping for in one of two ways. They either find the product by doing a keyword search for the product of they navigate directly to the category of the item they are seeking. Therefore an eBay seller has two chances to attract visitors to their auction page.

The first and by far the most common way that eBay buyers find what they are looking for is through keyword searches. For the seller on eBay it is therefore important to take the time to think about the keywords they use in their auction title and item description. The number one tip for writing effective titles and descriptions is to be specific. For example lets consider three different eBay sellers selling the same item. They are all selling the same item a Nokia 6610 Triband cell phone. Seller A lists the item using the following title, “Brand new cell phone”. Seller B lists the cell phone using the following auction title, “Nokia 6610 cell phone”. While seller C uses the following auction title, “Nokia 6610i Triband Camera Cell Phone w Radio”. In this example the seller that will typically experience the most visitors to their auction page would be seller C. Seller C in this example has created the most precise auction title. So if a buyer comes along and simply types “cell phone” into the search engine all three will display. If the same buyer types “Nokia 6610” then only sellers B and C will have their auction page displayed in the results. So as you can see by being more specific about the item that is being sold the seller can capitalize on the natural search results.

The second way that buyers on eBay find the item they are looking for is by navigating through the categories to find what they want. So in the example above the buyer would navigate through the following categories to find the cell phone they are looking for Cell Phones Phones Only. However if the seller accidentally listed the item into the wrong category for example Cell Phones Accessories, Parts then they would lose many of the interested visitor or buyers to their auction page.

In order to find the best keywords to use in the auction title and description that are often overlooked is to search for the product you are selling first. For example if you type in Nokia 6610 into the eBay search engine it will give the results like always. However right under the search box are “Related Keywords”. These are keywords that eBay is suggesting as common search terms. Therefore they are great high traffic keywords to use in the title of the auction.

By doing a little search before listing an item a seller can easily increase the number of visitors to their auction and increase the final selling price of the item. By effectively using very specific keywords in the title and listing the item in the correct category the seller can easily increase their profit margin. In fact eBay even gives you suggestions for terms that are frequently searched for and one that are great to use in the auction title and description.

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