Adwords Definitive Google Guide – Make

Adwords Definitive Google Guide – Make Money With Google Adwords

Making money with Google Adwords sounds great. Many gurus will tell you their success stories how they easily make a ton of money using Google Adwords. There are many stories sound like this… “just throw up a few ads with keywords and money will be flowing to your bank account”. All these stories are nonsense! They are designed to get you buy their latest rehashed stuffs.

What the gurus are NOT telling you is that Google Adwords is a double-edged sword. If you play the game right, you will make money otherwise you will lose money. Many people learned the hard way and realized that it’s not as easy as it seems to be. Many who jumped into the pay-per-click game get slapped with reality. They barely break even and actually lose money.

Without a doubt, Google Adwords is a great income-generating source, the KING of online advertising. Currently there are 3 major pay-per-click advertising systems that control the market. They are MSN, Yahoo and Google. But Google are the dominating and driving force, they control more than 50% of the pay-per-click market. While Yahoo and MSN get around 26% and 11% respectively. And the rest of the pies are shared by smaller search engines such as Miva, Enhance, Ask, etc..

Now, the question is how can we make money with Google Adwords without losing our shirt? What are the right skills needed to make money with Google Adwords? The answer is in this power packed 105 pages adwords definitive google guide called “Beating Adwords“. This definitive guide will teach you everything you need to know about making money with Google Adwords. From starting a new campaign, writing effective adcopy, outsmarting the competition to landing page optimization. The objective here is to teach you the skills to beat the system.

What set this adwords definitive google guide apart from others is the up-to-date information. As you know the Google Adwords system is changing all the time. The guide you bought last month may have been obsoleted. For example, the latest change is called the “Google SLAP”. Google is cracking down those ads that have low relevancy or Quality Score. Many advertisers got slapped hard by the change. It’s easy to determine if you’ve been affected by the SLAP because you will find that your minimum CPC jumps up to an absurd amount like per click.

Inside this “adwords definitive google guide“, you will learn the techniques to avoid the Google SLAP. You can literally use the techniques to slap back at Google. This guide is now in version 4.0. Users only need to purchase once and get a lifetime update.

Click here to learn more on how to avoid Google SLAP.

Find out more information about Beating Adwords here.

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