All You Need to Know About Pay Per Click Banner

All You Need to Know About Pay Per Click Banner Ads

Let’s start by being realistic. There are more than four billion web pages running on the internet. You web page is among these billions. I mean billions, not millions! But the main reason behind designing a website is to reach your target audience either to sell a product or service or just to inform them about something. We love free stuff and there are many sites offering free services to host your pages. But how effective will your site be? Now, there is the pay per click form of advertising where you can pay a fee and get positioned by the search engines on a prominent position so as to attract as many customers and clients as you can. This is what is known as banner ads. They appear on web pages you open when you are searching.

Pay Per Click is a form of web advertising where a firms buys a prominent space on the search engine’s top pages to be able to reach out to more customers. This is how it works – You as a firm can bid for a position on the pages. If you have enough money you can bid for the first position. The highest bidder of course gets this position. You will pay more money for hosting the banner, but you will have to pay only after someone clicks on the link. The search engine will then charge you a commission when someone clicks on your banner. This form of positioning strategy has been catching up lately. The growth rate of this industry is now above 41% with major search engines like Google earning 58% of their net revenue from this business, annually. This kind of advertising is growing from strength to strength each day.

But don’t assume that since the business is booming you can just place a banner ad and start getting customers to your web page. You need to do other things and take a few factors into consideration for the ad campaign to be effective. First you should remember that keywords will be the major gateway to success. You should select your keywords with care and you should have as many keywords as possible. You actually pay for having these keywords displayed and therefore you should have the keywords that will direct people to your website.

Having a good website will make your target customers take a moment to read the content and take action. You should make your site simple and user friendly. You should bare in mind the target audience before designing your website since the content needs to appeal to them when they visit your site. Lastly, you should write your banner ads in away that will make suffers take a moment to read them and click on them.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) maybe just what your sites needs to start seeing an explosion in traffic but chances are it’s not. In our experience PPC is a great supplement to any internet marketing campaign but shouldn’t be the primary focus. PPC is most profitable when you attempt to go after many less sought after keywords (5-6 keyword phrases) instead of bidding on just a handful of very competitive keywords (1-2 keyword phrases). Learn more about our SEO services: Visit our blog for our posts on SEO and Social Media:
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Question by bennilson: What pay-per-click ad website is the best value?
I’m looking into cheap pay-per-click ads but don’t want to get scammed. What is the best way to go?

Best answer:

Answer by Caz
Google adwords is the best and it is completely safe i have used it myself many many times.

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