Best 10 Must Tips Before Selecting A Webhost

Best 10 Must Tips Before Selecting A Webhost

Best 10 must tips before selecting a webhost

After being in the webmaster world for more than 5 years and having good and bad experiences with the webhosts I have concluded that money is the not the only thing you need to see while selecting a webhost.

There are many ways by which you can determine what host you need and all. Some of them are listed here. Have a look over there and I am sure you will know some facts.

1. First thing to see on is what you need. If you are a new website with some blog or a simple few page website then be sure not be take a huge power of dedicated webhost. Dedicated webhosts are needed by the webhosts that have proxy or video script running on the site. Even streaming causes lots of usage of bandwidth. So first decide what you need.

2. Search on the internet for the best web hosts that meet your requirements. There are some good directories like directory and more. Use them to compare webhosts.

3. Read reviews regarding webhosts. See no host is perfect but some bad reviews don’t make the host bad. So see why the bad reviews are due to. Sometimes people are not a bit patient and make a review as bad but see whether their problem was solved soon or not.

4. Avoid taking unlimited thing. Always guess what you need and then take the plan. See even if the webhost provide unlimited then it does means that this is soon gone end up as the some limit. Even if the host say unlimited but the server has a limit.

5. Try to ask the host some questions and see the response time. A ideal host must have a quick response or live chat. Many times this shows how many staff they have and sometimes you can even test the experience of the web host admin and others.

6. Have a look at the payment structure. Better pay monthly than yearly so that if some problem occurs then you would not need to regret. But sometimes when the host says that they need yearly payment then make a host that provide money back guarantee.

7. Ask about Backup schedule. Many times you need to ask about automatic backups by the webhosts.

I am sure this features comes handy sometimes. Many times the old servers tend to crash so need to be with them on that one.

8. Uptime guaranty by the host should be taken. Many host tell that they have 99.9% uptime but better make a tracker for a host available online for free to get the updates.

9. Ask friends. Asking friends who have websites hosted is a best way to get hosting. Experience is best than anything else. See what they have got. Many times such asking can prevent you from your money loss.

10.Last but not the least. Never think that money is the best measure. I have seen some cheap host providing best service while customers of hosts with 7$ per month for shared hosting making complains.

Want to know what questions should be asked to a webhosts before taking a webhosting then visit my Webhosts Blog( Visit my personal blog for any queries and all my articles.

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