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People looking for the best hosting companies will have to do some website hosting comparison and find the ones with the features that are most important to them, based on their level of experience and what they hope to get out of a website online. Here are some examples of why the best hosting solutions might be one thing for one group and different for others.

A brand new person will have no idea what web hosting is let alone what the best hosting solutions are Reading website hosting comparison articles will do them no good because they do not know what all the terms mean. This person will most likely choose a web host by popularity. They will pick one they see the most ads for on the sidebars and banners of other sites they use.

The environmentalist will make decisions based on the best hosting companies that use green technology. Data centers using wind power and paperless offices will be a big draw. Once their website hosting comparison efforts discover the top environmentally friendly sites, they can then search for other important features.

User Friendly can be the deal breaker, so the control panel becomes the website hosting comparison point. This is what is used to do most of the work, and so an easy to use, easy to navigate control panel that offers the most common features in one click and the rest in logical locations. These folks will benefit from free trial to test run the control panel features they use the most.

Business owner will need to have the ability to make financial transactions online. They will look for transaction security and Cgi-Bins (shopping carts). Uptime and instant customer support are also essential for them as their business cannot afford glitches or downtime. Their best hosting solutions will involve things the average website owner will never need.

Cost factors are often the bottom line. They might have started out with some free hosting options and want to try out paid hosting but do not have much money. Here is where a good website hosting comparison and analysis will come in handy. Sometimes they can take advantage of a a good sale, other times they will take a hosting company with fewer features until they afford more. Some of the best hosting companies offer several price levels, letting people start out with the least expensive and then upgrade later.

It is important to be careful with a negative website hosting comparison or reviews. Negative reviews should be just as helpful as the positive ones. However, there are two things to watch out for. One is to look for patterns in many reviews, and not rely on just one review. The other is to watch out for negative marketing. There are unscrupulous marketers who purposefully write a negative review just to direct customers to their own product. These are just some of the things to be aware of when doing website hosting comparison shopping online.

To the normal everyday person, website hosting companies will look the same. They all seem to offer plenty of storage space, bandwidth, user friendly control panels, as well as excellent customer support. There is a great list of the 10 best hosting companies on that compares the companies several ways and from different strengths.

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