English To French Article Translation –

Another good reason to translate articles: double content that is exact same articles published on various Web sites. As you know, Google is now considering duplicate content to calculate the overall quality of Web sites. View the results of content, duplicates of lower rank for your website. Receive translation: you can still publish his articles in English and French, but is it will not only duplicate content. Now you can have written numerous articles in English. I am waiting only to be translated into French!

If you are affiliated to the French or bilingual (English/French), now offer several advantages for your translated articles. Believe it or not, can promote French English articles products!

The French market is a niche its huge and has yet to be conquered. And as understood, represents at least tens of millions of people. Affiliate Marketing begins to grow between the community of “French”, but so many people know of passage or practice. However, it is yours to conquer!

Some members such as Clickbank sites offer many products in French. (You will find several French Clickbank 133 products) If you have a basic level of French, you can also register at 1tpe. It will offer more than 6,000 products in French. (1tpe also Italian Catalogue) Let’s look at an example: explore the site for French products and meet some easy promote products. It is commonly French … still “dominance” means something for you? 😉 It is not difficult to get the item. You may have already promoted similar products in English. All you need to do is get your promotional items and take them to the French through our services. If you are familiar with the affiliation, know the rest … Now you have access to a huge list and new products with a purpose “but to be conquered”. And you don’t have to change anything of what he is already doing. You can always write their articles in a language are comfortable with (in English), in the comfort of your home.

Known as the, most if not all English article submission sites may include affiliate links in your articles. Thus, articles in French, is possible. This means that you don’t have to build a website (for domain names and hosting that you have to pay) or a redirect blogs affiliate links. When you do this, you know that potential buyers will transfer to your blog or website with your affiliate link. French articles from your affiliate link that is directly in his article, readers are taken directly to the page of the provider.

Last but not least: in order to use our services, not only your articles translated, but also published directly on our website. Once again, translate articles in French Gets a huge niche …