Free Article Marketing

There is a common belief among Internet marketers that free article marketing works wonders for business growth, and to some extent this is correct. Article marketing could be a real gold mine if you know how to use it. The whole world wide web depends on content, but fresh, truly original materials are hard to find. Most of the articles we read are compilations, versions of other materials already published a few dozens if not hundred of times on the web. Where’s the novelty? Just in words…

The online mechanism that defines free article marketing consists in the submission or publication of unique materials in article directories, forums, social networks, newsletters, press releases, white papers and the like. But where do all these materials come from? Not every publisher or web developer is a writer; content is usually outsourced and often modified through software programs called article spinners that come up with new versions of a unique article, paragraph by paragraph. The eagerness to produce more and more such materials is that articles create backlinks pointing to the official website.

The direct consequence of backlinking is traffic increase, page rank increase and more prospects. Uniqueness of content is not the same thing with originality; every material can be relevant for free article marketing as long as the word order, the sentences and the paragraphs are arranged in a new form. From this perspective, we are witnessing a deterioration in the quality of the content distributed around the world wide web. Real originality in writing still defines news articles. Controversies, debates and informative materials about events remain the breath of fresh air in Internet free article marketing.

In fact the most successful at free article marketing are websites with informative content; those pages that keep readers informed on events, trends, innovations and the like. Blogs are another example of fresh content sources. Blogs focus on niches; they began as online diaries and a way for people to express their beliefs, opinions, thoughts and feelings. They are now one of the most powerful sides of the Internet, and they continue to grow. With every new entry, a blogger pushes web content a step further.

Originality, not uniqueness, remains the true heart of the Internet, and if marketers want to succeed on the long term, they should produce content that is totally new and fresh, at least once in a while. Nobody is interested in reading the same thing in other words, and even if these are tricks to achieve business exposure, they still need to be backed up by quality.