Guest Blogging Master

Guest Blogging Master is a new eBook that outlines the whole process clearly and walks you through all the steps.

The eBook provides clear guidelines on how to search for guest blogging opportunities (providing some cool search tips as well as offering you to join MyBlogGuest), how to evaluate perspective guest post targets and how to create great content (and even SEO it).

Besides very obvious steps, the eBook also prompts you to promote your guest post (and teaches you how to do that) and gives some ideas on how to overcome the writer’s block and how to scale the whole process.

When I first began guest blogging I had no idea what I was doing. I thought my posts were great because they were original, well-written, and grammar mistake free.

Finding blogs to write for and creating original content is only half the battle. In order to reap the real rewards from guest blogging you need to approach, structure, and write your content the right way.

I’ve been thinking about guest posting for some time now and have even read other eBooks on the subject. However, up until now, I didn’t find a good set of instructions to follow for guest posting.

Your eBook has answered all my concerns and questions about guest posting in a clear and easy to understand format.

Before I was intimidated to even try – and all the instructions said to begin guest posting on the websites of peers. Your eBook contradicts this advise and gives me more confidence to approach whomever I feel could use my guest post – even if they’re “famous” in the blogging world.

Thanks again! This is a great resource and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in guest posting.

Article marketing isn’t what it used to be. To be honest, I’m not against it either. It can be effective if your content actually gets syndicated on other sites. But do you really want to submit your best content to Ezine and cross your fingerssomeone besides a scraper site syndicates it?

It is no secret that I have built an entire website on the “guest blogging” backbone and it has skyrocketed to the top! It earns a decent income. Far quicker than my first website ever did!

Anyone can do this, especially using the great tips you share in your book. A newbie would have to be nuts to try and work these tips out for themselves! That would simply be a waste of time.

The answer lies in the quality of the content. Besides the backlink placement and keyword usage, finding the blogs to write for, coming up with post ideas… you need to create stellar content.

I have to say, “wow”! As a just past newbie and very much needing to get into some SEO, I decided that guest posting would be a great way to go as I enjoy writing. So I have been collecting information for a while but your Guest Blogging Master is ++ on what I have to date. It is extremely comprehensive and…