High Search Rankings

High search rankings have a big relevance for business; they represent a sum of the ‘qualities’ that a website has according to the classification performed by search engines. A huge number of factors are taken into consideration by SE when giving the search rank, and although the criteria used remain secret of the trade, web masters have managed to understand how high search rankings can be achieved on the long run. SEO, keyword density, links and their importance, web design and content quality are essential for achieving a good position on search engines.

Search engine optimization

The relevance of the keywords for your domain, product or service plays a very important part when it comes to high search rankings. Pay attention to use unique keywords, use them in titles, headlines, tags and meta tags, and make sure the overall distribution of keywords in page content is not spammy. You could lose your top result page position if you don’t perform SEO regularly, due to the fact that some keywords may go inactive or fail to trigger relevant traffic.

Link building

Links define the popularity of a website online. The more websites link back to you naturally, the better your position with search engines. Great success comes from those pages that get links from very popular sites that already have high search rankings. Constantly work to increase the number of links and never lower the quality of the materials you publish in favor of quantity. Better fewer but top-notch than many and invaluable.

Web design

It is a clear fact that websites with a simple user-friendly design attract more visitors and win popularity. Loyalty is built in time, but it is of paramount importance for your website to be easily accessed. Keep navigation simple, include a site map and allow visitors to perform web searches from your page. Web design appears only indirectly related to high search rankings, but there is great relevance for this aspect too. A website using too advanced Java code, built around a deep structure is more difficult to index by search engine crawlers.

We generally refer to high search rankings as defining the first two search result pages on search engines. Web surfers usually stop to the second web result page before initiating a new query. Mention must be made that Google may have different criteria of indexation and page ranking as compared to Yahoo! and the rest of SE.