How to Build Free Websites

How to Build Free Websites

If you have few web design skills or none whatsoever and want create an online presence, website templates are perhaps the best option for you. There are many services offering professional-quality website templates for free, enabling you to build your own, fully-functional site in just a few minutes.

In most cases, these free templates have been designed by highly experienced professionals who appreciate the fact that users may want a design that is so easy to use, that all they would need to do is to drag and drop the elements to build their own free website. Essential tasks, such as the coding, design and layout are all taken care of, allowing users to concentrate on putting together an easy-to- edit, professional-looking website with no need to learn any complicated computer programming language.

With free website templates, all you have to do is to select a theme, choose a name for your site, add your logo,  input your images and text and make your new website live. Yes, it’s that simple! A beautifully designed, professional-quality and easily navigable website, using free templates can take as little as five minutes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hoping to build a website as an individual, a small business or a commercial enterprise, as long as you can customize a free website template, you’ll be able to get online and start receiving visitors or customers within a short time.

As web templates are fully tested by experienced web designers before they’re offered to the general public, the chances of ending up with software bugs or errors in the computer code are very small. This would be a great benefit to anyone with no experience of HTML, PHP, CSS or any other programming language.

The alternative to creating a website using a template is to get a professional designer to build one for you or to do it yourself. However, there will be cost or time considerations with either option. Some professionals may charge you hundreds or even thousands for a bespoke design, depending on the complexity of the website. A do-it-yourself approach by an inexperienced web designer could lead to a range of problems, including having the menu appear on the  wrong side of the page or the site not appearing online at all after supposedly publishing it to the internet!

With web templates, you can see from the very beginning what your page will look like, plus there are thousands of varied layouts to choose from. Furthermore, if you want to modify a template design, it is easy to do, without the need to ask for someone else’s help. Web templates also help you to appreciate some of the design and layout techniques in a professional website, with the potential for you to perhaps consider going on a  training course in the future.

Despite the instant appeal of free website templates, one thing to bear in mind is that they will not be personal to you. The basic design and layout of a template is highly likely to be accessible by other people, so there’s a real possibility that someone else may choose the same website template design as you. That said, a good website template, whether free or paid-for, will be flexible enough for you to easily rearrange or add features to make the site unique. With some website template packages, you have the potential to create literally tens of thousands of design combinations!

Website templates are the perfect solution for people who have no web design experience or who can’t afford to pay a professional designer to build a site for them. Even if you do have a little experience in web design, choosing a website template could be a great opportunity to showcase your creative skills by customizing it to create a content-rich and user-friendly website with the potential to attract many thousands of visitors…/

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Question by Sinner: How can I build a very easy-to-use website? I need a template to edit?
I will voluntarily create a website for a cultural organisation and then I will leave this country. I need to build a website for them so that these people can add new text or pictures after me because they dont know anything about website building. I need to show them easily.

I need something like It will be my last option.

Best answer:

Answer by Fun G
Definitely, Google Site is pretty good choice for newbie and it’s free.
However, if you wanted to make a professional site look, you can consider this 3-In-1 program, it’s easy to use and the functions more than Google, you can upload image gallery & video, set up the membership form, calender event …etc. your site have own Meta Tag to enhance SEO .
You don’t have to download the software, the program builder doing online. So you or they can create the site with member password login.
There has technician support team work in 24/7 if after they need help with it.

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