Increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

How do you increase website traffic, besides search engines? There are hungry consumers out there, but you are not going to get any of them instantly. One way to get traffic fast is via bulk email marketing. Bulk email marketing is king and will always be king. I don’t think that I can emphasize that enough.. Listen to me, pay per click is absurd. Its too expensive and there is a lot of click fraud. Search engines take way too long.  It seems that you need so sort of science degree just to place your website with all  the search engines. Have you tried submitting your site to search engines? Has it worked? Probably not.

I’ll tell you a secret, but its not really a secret. Many website owners, search engines and corporations advertently “debunk” bulk email marketing. THEY  tell you this, to get rid of the competition. They don’t want you to know that you can get rich by using bulk email marketing. Of course there is laws about emailing people, just like there is laws sending mail to your mailbox! But guess what, the law states that you should not send emails to people that don’t like to receive emails. Hell, yea! Well, you know there is a ton of people that sign up to receive offers daily. Thousands upon thousands love to receive offers,  and they actually give out their email addresses. Why do they do this? Because people are naturally curious. We want the new stuff. We all want the new “secret”. We all want the new product. You sell via bulk email marketing because we are all consumers. Hey, I don’t like some of the stuff they send me via email, but once in a while I do find some cool stuff. There is a secret on how and where to get tons of traffic. Do you  want to know what it is? Here it goes:

1. You need a bulk emailing software that uses its own isp server. Research I suggest Fxstyle’s bulk email software.

2. Get a good email marketing list. There is a good one that brings in me tons of money; see below for the link if you’re interested. Its call

3. Mail only to an opt-in list. Don’t mail daily to the same people. Keep your emails apart a few days. Never spam. Follow the rules. Never spam.

Increase website traffic with bulk email marketing. I tell you there is nothing like it. Stay away from pay per click and all the “money sucking” garbage out there.

Jesse Castaneda, Jr is fiction/nonfiction writer. He is the author of the supernatural thriller “Cringe”. He owns and manages a bail bond company and Mivisio Online Concepts. He is an expert in online marketing and promotion. For hungry buyers that make your website skyrocket go to


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