Keyword Research Tips

Keyword Research Tips

Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research tip is that keyword research is the most undervalued skill in internet marketing, because it will effect everything you do online, and will control the level of success you obtain.

I will give you the format I use. That sounds a lot more organized than it really happens for me, but I try to do certain steps when I am attempting to produce a winning keyword phrase.

Idea for a keyword, what product or business are you trying to promote? Lets take keyword research. I will look through notes, and scribbles I have made while working on the computer. You are probably like me where a thought will come into your head, so you take a moment and write it down. Use these golden nuggets later.

Take your thought; idea and put it into a search engine and watch to see what populates below your input. So lets put keyword research in and see what happens.

Keyword research- (Results) pro, free,software, tool free, service, guide, tips, report, articles.

Now lets look at how many searches show for this keyword phrase, Keyword Research Tips, 3,450,000 Wow.

Now lets put “quotations” around it and see how many searches with exactly our phrase shows, 381,000 pretty competitive, but doable with a combination of video, article and using back links from media sharing software like Traffic Geyser,

Now lets take a look at a tool for selecting keyword phrases, I am using Google Ad words keyword research tool, but you should vary the keyword research tool you use.

Put your keyword into the search box and see what comes up. In this case the competition is medium and the global monthly searches are around 590. Not to bad, the best case scenario is low competition and in the thousands monthly searches. If you come across that combination it can be worth $ $ $ $ .

Now we can use a rank checker program to check the ranking of the sites showing on the first page of our search for keyword research tips. There are many such tools for checking page rank, just do a web search to find one. I used Fire Fox Rank Checker for this example. The top 5 showed up 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, so this is going to take a lot of good copy writing with articles, video that is keyword intensive, and creating back links with media sharing companies.

To get your content out to many sites, including social, blog, pod cast, along with article and video sites, use several media sharing companies.

One free site to get pings sent to sites is Pin Goat .com.

Keyword research becomes intuitive the more you do it. Keep working at it and educating yourself with advise from internet entrepreneurs. You must do it to get good.

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If your serious about building your affiliate/ or internet marketing business and making an income at it I recommend a group who has been a real positive influence on my progress in this business go to:

Jeffrey Randolph

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