Local Business Internet Marketing Course

How many times have you been contacted by a telemarketer who claimed that you can get to the top of Google with little effort? That is, you pay them each and every month. And every potential customer within your market will magically make a beaten path to your door.

Perhaps you paid an SEO consultant who guaranteed that you would get ranked at the top of Google. But could never fulfill their promise.

Or, maybe you hired a web designer who started a project for you but vanished before the project was finished. Or, he disappeared and left you hanging – you needed to make a small change but had no way to edit anything.

Perhaps your experience was a complete nightmare… your designer let your domain name expire. And someone else bought it and is holding it hostage for a ridiculous sum of money.

If you never experienced any of these problems, you’re lucky because these situations are very real.

There is a solution: a solution in which you can keep everything within your control. In this course, you will learn how to set up your own site and do the marketing yourself. Making changes to your site is easy! Editing is as easy as typing in an email. Need to add pictures? Or, a full feature photo gallery? No problem!

But first, I want to warn you. There are no magic bullets. In fact, before you buy this course, let me make an important suggestion. You will need to set aside approx. 30 minutes each day. Marketing, as well as getting to the top of Google, requires effort and persistence.

Why not just hire another expert? Unless you are an expert yourself in the field of internet marketing, how can you tell if you’re hiring the right expert? How can you know whether or not you’re being taken advantage of? Or, the thousands you pay to an expert just end up being a profit to him/her? More often than not, you’ll hire someone who talks a good game. However, a good return on investment seldom follows.

SEO experts claim that getting to the top of Google takes time. I generally agree. However, you risk thousands of dollars before getting results. If anyone claims that you can reach the top of Google for little money and no effort… run.

You can begin this course with a 7-day trial for only $7. Then, it is just $47 per month after that. Fresh marketing content is added regularly. Use the course only as long as you need it. With designers and marketing consultants, you risk hundreds – or even thousands… And your stuck in a contract.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll never be billed again. There are no long-term commitments. No contracts. And it’s very easy to start and stop.

The content of this course enables you to look over my shoulder. Step by step. Everything I do to market businesses for my clients. You have access to the complete course from the first moment you sign…