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Distribution of this article: marketing tool that distributes its content and publishes article 250 + private distribution sites. All sites are entirely designed with built in seo and 100% ad free which means that all the backlinks and link juice flow exclusively and directly links only. To use this marketing tool, because the system will use the titles and descriptions that you add to publish their own content an article is required with a twist. Article distribution, allows you to create 1 post thousands of this link in any article!

Search for niche keywords: a tool of marketing-exclusive line that controls your competitors backlinks and keyword. Backlinks is included various resources can provide you with the methods of marketing competition. This marketing tool software uses a private database to ensure that you receive the best and most optimal keyword research. The database is updated on a monthly basis and currently includes over 75 keyword, and 35 million domain names.

Comment by MD: this exclusive software marketing tool allows you to instantly publish your articles in more than 180 sites of social validation of the private network. The article is published with a variety of all the different url that points to its original article section. Makes it easier to get indexed under multiple URLs for the same content. URL for the same article and descriptions, therefore, any rotation of articles is not needed. Due to the massive backlinks to your content.

** Article Spinner: convert an article to create much of an article. Advertisers ‘ dominance is unique and do not use a thesaurus, fully controlled sections effective human, keys, or synonyms. Write and rewrite your article in a format that is automatically make it easier for you to produce several articles into a single article. Control key words, contents and results of the rotation of each article.

** Language Analyzer: tool of software that helps you to identify the correct acronyms, synonyms and other exclusive line related words to apply to your content. Language of the domination of database publishers use human language (more than 800,000 words) and reveals the words related to the same root of the word. Language Analyzer allows you to improve your articles using keywords related to your content.

** Content scanner: the only tool article in existence that its contents through the readability test for readability analysis, keyword density, it shows all the words of the judgment, and …