Mastering Google Adwords – How To Lower

Mastering Google Adwords – How To Lower Your Adwords Cost Per Click By Getting A High Quality Score

It’s undeniable that Mastering Google AdWords is the fastest and most effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website or offer. The problem with pay per click, especially AdWords, is that your AdWords Ad, your site content, and the fact that if you are promoting an affiliate offer, your URL most times would be the same as 1,000’s of other promoting the same offer; if there are other people promoting the same offer and the same destination URL, your cost per click is going to be higher.

You need a unique URL, among other things, to stand above the rest when promoting via AdWords pay per click marketing.

Ok, so you’ve decided to start a Pay Per Click campaign with Google AdWords. Depending on what keywords you are targeting and how competitive they are, there are certain key factors that you need to take into account when setting up your campaign, and they are:

1. Ad URL – this is the URL that is displayed in your ad. It should be as relevant and closely related to the actual URL that a person is taken to when they click on your ad, or the destination URL. It doesn’t have to be the same as the destination URL, but it can be.

When you are advertising say, an affiliate program, and using the same URL that everyone else is using to promote the same offer, there are already 1,000’s if not 10’s of thousands using that same URL, and depending on the quality of their landing page, and the density of the relevant keyword content, they will have secured a certain cost per click for their ad. You should strive to be relevant and unique. This is a key factor in Mastering Google AdWords and lowering your AdWords cost per click..

2. Destination URL – I know, you’re thinking that if you are promoting an affiliate offer, you have no choice but to use the affiliate link that they give you; not true.

What you do is, go to your affiliate page, click the view tab on internet explorer and then click source, save that as an HTML file to your PC. Then you can save all of the image files to your PC, upload them to your server. Open the HTML file in an editor, even notepad and use the edit button, click find and replace; make sure you look for the line(s) in the source code that link to the images.

Paste that in the “find what” field, and in the “replace with” field, you put the path to the respective image on your server. If you can’t download all of the images, you can ask the merchant if it is ok to link to the images on their server. Generally they won’t have a problem with this because they are incurring bandwidth anyway with every affiliate page that is served.

3. Landing Page Keyword Relevancy and Density – The keyword density and corresponding relevancy of your landing page need to match the keywords of your ad title and copy. Google assigns a higher quality score to those whose landing page is VERY closely related to their ads and keywords

Track your conversion rates, and pay attention to the tips that Google gives you about your ad(s) and how to improve them. These are the first steps to Mastering Google AdWords, effectively lowering your AdWords cost per click.

4. Negative Keywords – You should make a list of negative keywords, ie. keywords that you don’t want your ad displayed for when the word, or term is searched. Why?

Because, let’s say that you are promoting an affiliate offer that is a FREE Traffic Generation Guide, meaning that it teaches you how to generate free traffic; it does however, not mean that the guide itself is free. If you don’t add the negative keyword “free” then anyone looking for a free guide to free traffic generation, or traffic generation in general, will see your ad and could click on it, but most likely won’t buy because they were looking for something free. Get it?

If you learn the secrets to Mastering Google AdWords Marketing, optimizing your AdWords cost per click, and other effective methods of promoting your website, you will get a high quality score, lower your cost per click, and drive unlimited amounts of fast, targeted traffic to your site.

Learn everything you need to know about Mastering Google AdWords  and how to lower your Adwords Cost Per Click with a High Quality Score.

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