I’ve been involved in MLM – Multilevel Marketing now for over 25 years, you name it and I’ve done it from Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Lia Sophia, Herbalife International, Tupperware, Arbonne International, Tastefully Simple, Melaleuca, Longaberger, Beachbody, Amway, MonaVie, Creative Memories, Isagenix, ACN, Silpada Designs, AMSOIL, Stampin’ Up, Mon Ami Gourmet, Advocare International, PartyLite, Ardyss, Uppercase Living, MoneyTalks, Shaklee Corporation, USANA, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Premier Designs, Juice PLUS, Thirty-One, Quixtar, Southern Living at Home, Market America, New Vision International, Ambit Energy, Princess House, Green Mountain Energy, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, Beauticontrol, Nu Skin Enterprises, DAYSTAR, Close To My Heart, Send Out Cards, Oriflame USA, Yves Rocher, Xango, Vemma, Univera Lifesciences.

Where this may seem like many, it really only boils down to taking two changes per year over 25 years. From my experience the one problem that all of these MLM opportunities presented me and had in common is the same problem that everyone in MLM marketing, and that problem is Advertising your MLM venture on a shoestring budget. Let’s face it, you can have the best opportunity or offer on the planet but if no one knows you or your opportunity exists then what good is it ? Fortunately over the years through trial and error I solved this problem after many spent hours and dollars I might add. The problem was how do I get my MLM offer in front of as many people to increase my down line without draining my bank account at the same time ?, then it dawned on me like an epiphany from above, On-Line Free Advertising web sites.

If you do a Google search on “Online Free Advertising Web sites” you will discover a wealth of them, but the main three are CraigsList, BackPage and Kijiji which has most recently been renamed to EBay Classifieds. Besides these top three On-Line Free Advertising web sites I’ve discovered that anything else is pretty much a waste of time. Let me try to briefly explain the difference between the three in helping you to make a wise and informed decision:

CraigsList – The largest of the three for On-Line Free Advertising web sites and also the most difficult to advertise your ad, why is this ? Because Craigslist requires “Phone Verified Accounts” or PVA’s as they are called and PVA’s can be expensive to acquire. However without the required PVA’s it’s impossible to post up a bulk amount of your advertisements and as we all know Sales of any kind is a numbers game, the money is in the numbers, the more ads you post the more sales or conversions from visits to actual purchases that you make and thus the higher your return on your investment dollar.

BackPage – The second largest of the On-Line Free Advertising web sites and gaining on the heels of CraigsList, the Beauty of Back Page is that it is everything that CraigsList is not, which I can sum up in one word, EASY . Easy that is to post up a bulk amount of your advertisements and gain Nationwide USA advertising inexpensively and quickly. Not to say that BackPage does not have it’s hoops that you will also need to jump through in order to obtain this, but fortunately there are professional posting services that will actually take your ad and post it to these On-Line Free Advertising web sites for a minimum fee, more about that later.

Kijiji – The third and smallest of the three is Kijiji most recently renamed to EBay Classifieds which differers from EBay’s main web site Classified section, basically the new EBay Classifieds is simply Kijiji renamed with USA advertising also made available whereas the old and current Kijiji only offers Canadian advertising. One thing to keep in mind when considering using Kijiji or EBay Classifieds as your chosen platform to remember that Kijiji is now owned by EBay of which also owns PayPal, to give you some idea of the significance of this PayPal has more than 150 Million clients, that’s larger than most banks and officially PayPal is not a bank. I mention that to point out that if any company has the money to set in place systems to make it difficult to post bulk advertisements it would be the new EBay/Kijiji Classifieds which now rivals CraigsList in terms of difficulty of posting bulk advertisement to, or even more so difficult.

Having said all of that it would appear that the middle of the road of the three giants, BackPage would be the obvious best choice to make your new MLM opportunity available to the world and build your down line effectively. Currently everyone is making what’s known in the financial world as a “Flight To Safety” run to BackPage from CraigsList simply because of the ease of placing bulk ads on BackPage. There are options when placing your ads to any of the three.

The first and most obvious of course is that you could do it yourself which will consume the better part of or all of your day, this could work but I will guarantee you that you will have absolutely zero life besides sitting in front of a computer all day being a slave to your computer. The second and most logical choice would be to have a professional posting service perform the task for you, again this is another where you must proceed with caution because many will make promises of posting your ads and never deliver or take too much time to actually post your ad allowing your window of opportunity to vanish.

The posting service that I have found to be most cost efficient and cost effective would be “Wealth Distributors” which can be found at , or . They have always posted my advertisements in the promise time and at very reasonable prices, almost too cheap to be believable and to top it off have provided me with reports of actual verifiable click-able links to each ad they posted for me thus eliminating all doubts of fraud.

Hope This Helps,
Happy Selling,

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