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“Who will be my secret # 1 by thousands of readers of a Blog in my autor├ępondeur!

Warning: what I am about to submit is considered by many traders be misleading … Money that can be done with it is not for the faint of heart and mind. It is work and aggressive marketing!

Since she started working online, I noticed a mailing list to acquire customers. Be able to send an e-mail to the same person over and over is extremely powerful!

Unfortunately for me. ..I had no idea how this list. I am satisfied that it is a problem that the 99% of Internet marketers face today.

New photos, which I tried to give an ebook, give free training optin forms next to my site, also tried to open a forum for members in various niches to see if the crowds of people would come.

One day a good friend and fellow Internet marketing specialist told me about huge amounts it received comments on his blog … And I thought … “this …”. ” This is really important. ” ┬╗…

It was then that it hit me. What happens if I could acquire public blog on my mailing list. ? I’m talking about sending it to Aweber as many readers from all over the world are leaving comments on blogs every day! The owner of a blog values many comments. WHY? A reader opinions and comments are very valuable and why here: take an interesting debate. Make your blog come alive with friendships, rivalries, ideas and suggestions. Often create conflicts. Bring many visitors on the blog more and people go back and blog again.

Comments add views and perspectives, ideas and useful information on the blog. They do a full blog! They make a blog more interesting and exciting!

This is not what they can do these comments very useful and very helpful! What else? You know the answer? Have you ever thought about the possibility of the reader comments are much more potential that has not yet been discovered. ?

Take the case of operating systems. Which operating system you use? He would use an archaic version of Linux? He would use an earlier version of windows, such as Windows 95 or Windows 98 in your modern PC, when there are much better and powerful running latest XP and Vista available?

The Internet is a constantly evolving environment and highly competitive. But many people still use obsolete, inefficient methods. To define the failure and lost money. The fact is that you can’t have a list of great or even good with these old, inefficient methods in modern times. There is a list of methods of construction much there. Perhaps he tried some of them? But they all have one or more of the following defects exist: therefore provide very different results depending on the method. But most are not worth it. Why? Because there are many more simple …