Pay Per Click Bid

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The online advertising system known as pay per click or PPC marketing relies on an auction or bidding system based on keywords. Thus, any website owner has certain key phrases that describe the domain of activity to which the business belongs. The site content advertisement texts that include relevant keywords are considered optimized and contribute to the traffic generation based on these very terms you initially bid on. There are several steps to consider before making the pay per click bid. First you ought to make a brainstorming session and identify the keywords that best describe your product, service or domain.

Here, you could use some special software to identify the most relevant keywords and thus work would go a lot more smoothly. Then, you need to establish the maximum cost per click bid (CPC) that you are willing to pay for a specific keyword. The cost per click is variable in time, and it usually differs from one search engine to another. Without accurate information on this parameter, it is not advisable to engage in the pay per click bid system, because you may waste your money. One other thing you could do here is to hire a professional service provider to run the investigations and establish the budget, the maximum CPC and the rest of the details.

The conversion rate and the estimations for sales in a given number of website visitors are also important and worth taking into consideration. The pay per click bid differs from Google to Yahoo. Marketing for instance because of the inherent distinctions that characterize the systems in question. Most of time, business owners choose to advertise both with Google and with Yahoo, but such a decision can be made only after the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of both systems in relation to one’s business plan and objectives.

Many online advertisers make the mistake of going for the first place on the search result pages, which means that the pay per click bid is very high. The high cost makes such spots almost out of reach and beside the prohibitive price there is the problem of web surfer selection. Lots of Internet users who make a query will try several pages before getting what they want, and, for the advertiser, an undecided visitor means a lower conversion rate and even higher costs. Therefore, it is highly important to tailor the pay per click bid to the search results, and attract good traffic by choosing the most relevant keywords.

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