Pay Per Click Search Engine Submission

Keywords and key phrases relevant for a certain domain make the fundamentals the pay-per-click advertising model. Each term has a certain bidding price that varies according the level of demand for the specific keyword. From this point of view the margin profit can be higher or lower under the influence of the rest of the techniques used in association with this approach of pay per click search engine submission. The presence of a web site in the search engine is identified either directly by the search engine or through this submission process.

Pay per click search engine submission thus implies a combination of processes that touch on keywords selection, SEO and page ranking. Things are definitely complex given the fact that the electronic market depends on a certain technological level. The PPC advertising model is one option business owners have to promote a product or service, but it is surely not the only one available. Most experts recommend a careful marketing analysis of the most relevant and suitable options for the support of the promotional campaigns. Further on, if we consider the progress made by search engines in terms of development, sites no longer require submission.

A more rapid development has been registered in the improvement of search engines since 2004, so that new pages are identified a lot more quickly. With the new performance standards, the PPC search engine submission ceased to be a necessity and remained an option that some web masters still use. However, many of the practices that were highly popular in the past have become obsolete or have received a ban. This could very well happen to search engine submission as well, since the efforts to increase site visibility by such means often represents a violation of the service protocol.

The sitemap method that stood at the basis of pay per click search engine submission was somehow invalidated by the introduction of the Google Sitemaps in 2005. This new facility allowed web developers to no longer submit sites but links that enabled search engines to identify the web pages more easily and without any other action necessity on the part of the site promoter. Since 2007, XML sitemaps have enjoyed massive support from, MSN, Yahoo and Google being widely applied for the identification and the display of web sites on search result pages. I do hope you will benefit from this article.

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Question by italianfilmaker: What are some of the best free search engine submission programs?
I browsed around for some search engine submittors, but they seem to be very expensive. Are there any free websites that submit your domain to search engines? I am looking for a good one that is worth using and that sends my website to some of the best and numerous search engines. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Greg G
You can submit your website to the major search engines yourself. Its easy to do, only takes a few minutes and its free.

You only need to submit your website to the 4 top search engines, Google, Yahoo, Live and Ask account for 95% of all search engine traffic. There is no need to list your website with thousands of different search engines.

The best way to tell the search engines about your website is to place a sitemap file on your website. For information on submiting your website and sitemap to the individual search engines click on the following links.

PS: Google actually recommends NOT to use search engine submission companies.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!