SEO Keyword Builder – Private Corporate SEO

We are proud to introduce to you, the best search engine optimization software available today that is proven and guaranteed to dramatically improve search engine rankings and increase quality targeted traffic to your website.

Let’s be honest… getting traffic to your site is about as fun as putting your face in a running blender! No seriously, it’s exhausting and can make you quit before you even succeed. We’ve all been there at one time or another. You put in endless hours, praying that your SEO efforts will pay off, and you get virtually nowhere. Frustration sets in, and before you know it, you’ve quit. And what’s worse, you’ve come to hate what you started off being excited about.

Stop wasting your time chasing fruitless endeavors trying to increase your website’s traffic. Our keyword research software is designed to take you to the top of the search engine rankings and drive boat-loads of targeted, FREE traffic to your site. To accomplish this, we’ve created a very unique system that allows you to determine a bullet-proof keyword strategy in just minutes. We are all aware that…

Well… Keywords are the secret! Keywords are the heart and soul of promoting your site. They are the absolute foundation of your search engine optimization strategies! Everything you do to promote your site, is based on the keywords you choose to promote. So choose wisely!

Let’s keep things simple. Search engines are completely dedicated to gathering relevant, high quality content based on the visitor’s search query (or keywords). If a search engine fails to do this well, they stop getting visitors. You need to make the search engines love your site for the right keywords. If your site is on topic and looks like an authoritative source, it will rank well in the search results.

There are essentially two determinants of whether or not your site is worthy enough to be a search result for their visitor: Site Content and External Links. Nothing else really matters.

Your site’s content is essentially all of the textual information you have on your site. You want to make sure your content contains and is related to the keywords you are trying to target. For instance, do you have articles, blogs, or product descriptions that contain or have relevent, targeted, high traffic keywords in them? If your site doesn’t accomplish this, the search engines aren’t going to give you a high ranking for those keywords because it will assume that users searching on those keywords would be disappointed with the content they find on your site.

Links from other websites to your site are like a vote of popularity. If other websites are linking to you, then you must have worthwhile content that people would be interested in. The keywords in the links themselves as well as in the surrounding content on the external page help to determine what your site is popular for.

So, essentially, if your content has the right keywords, and your incoming links are for the right keywords, it will increase your site’s search…