The Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes Which Dooms

The Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes Which Dooms Your Business

Internet marketing is considered to be the most effective and vastly-exposed way to promote your business to the biggest majority of potential customers. The problem is that one small mistake in the way you advertise your venture online can jeopardize the whole process in a way that will make it difficult to gain creditability and exposure among customers again. Thanks to online marketing gurus and specialized marketing companies, you won’t have to experience severe mistakes; as most of the common mistakes are known and can be easily avoided by the help of those experts.

In the past decade, online marketing has been a field of testing by many marketing and advertising professionals. Due to the rapid changes in the conditions of the world, online marketing is changing faster. Everyday, new methods, techniques, and programs are made to enable business owners to make the most use of the online marketing phenomenon. But with each new thing comes new mistakes. Online marketing experts show the marketing mistakes that they have been victims to, so that we would be safe and know how to avoid them. There are hundreds of those mistakes, and we are going to list the ten most devastating mistakes which have been done in the past and caused a lot of losses and damages.


It is known among all the online marketing experts that more than 80% of traffic comes to a website from the search results of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Not taking advantage of these search engines will make you lose a lot of potential customers. There are dozens of ways to make the search engines recognize your business like Pay-Per-Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization, but the easiest way is just to submit your website address (URL) to them.


Viral marketing or word of mouth is the most cost-effective method to marketing your business online. It involves you giving away an e-book, newsletter or similar items to your visitors as a gift which will contain your website address and other ways to reach your business. This give-away can travel to unlimited number of people. This way you will make your customers advertise for you. Not fully utilizing this method in the right way will not spread the word about your business fast enough.


Another great way for advertising is email marketing. You get the email address of who ever visits your website, and then email them a series of emails about you and/or your business on a timely basis. This way you will ensure that this visitor will respond to your offer one day if they don’t respond to it the first time.


The most hated people online are spammers. You can be one unintentionally. This happens when you chose to advertise through unauthorized ways and without permission. This occurs mostly in email marketing. Scammers are people who don’t deliver what they promised to.


Content is the most important factor determining the quality of your website. Using third grade content will damage the chances of your customers having interactions with what you are selling or offering them. High quality content with a little ”persuasion” through words inside your website will do the trick.


Online marketing approaches change almost daily. And not accepting the changes and not trying to develop your business strategy accordingly will make your business old fashioned and you will attract fewer customers.


You have to take into consideration the value of your business and what type of customers and which segment of the market you wish to reach. Doing this process in the wrong way online will leave you broke and crying.


Some people try to buy traffic, others use free advertising like classified ads to cut down advertising costs, many others uses Pay-Per-Click to achieve the highest exposure. Whatever method you choose, consider your advertising budget and the quality of the visitors the different types of advertising methods will produce. Using the wrong advertising methods will not help you achieve your required return on investment and eventually your business will be scoring losses instead of profits.


You have to be aware of how good or bad your marketing and advertising promotions are performing. You have to test the efficiency and the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Tracking the results is essential to make the required modifications to your marketing campaigns.


Online users have to be aware of how the internet works. Using the wrong website templates, slow servers, slowly-uploading graphics, highly-advanced software and web applications, the wrong domain name, and non-secured web zones will cause you to lose most of your potential customers.

Well, there you have it, the top ten online marketing mistakes that could doom your business. Avoid these mistakes and watch your revenues soar.

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