Tips for a Webpage Design and Attraction of Web

Tips for a Webpage Design and Attraction of Web Traffic

Web pages are getting popular day by day. A good web page should have an attractive layout and design. It should look great and be pleasant and easy to use even for the first time web users. It should be easy to navigate through out. Avoid too many advertisements on the web page. Each web page must have a link to the home page. It will see to it that web users do not get lost. Take care not to include too many pop-up ads and pop-up boxes that can be distracting and disturbing. This could be annoying to a visitor. Use black color text against a light color background, so that it will be legible even to the visually challenged. Different fonts may be employed to highlight different ideas.

Design a web page that will take lesser time to load. Minimize the use of images that is likely to take longer to download. This factor is likely to be favored by the many time crunched, weary web traveler. Avoid using slow loading graphics. Optimize the page by using thumb nail graphics to save on space and fewer colors to make it pleasant to the eye. The thumb nail image can be enlarged if needed, by clicking on it. Use simple and small icons that have a hint to draw the attention of a visitor to the webpage. Customize a web page and design it the way you want.

Design the web page using HTML. But avoid using BLINKS. After creating a web page and uploading it, it is essential to maintain it. If it contains links to other sites, check periodically if those websites exist and whether they are being updated or have changed the address. Many ideas and facts change faster as time goes on. These have to be constantly updated. Put a site map. This will give an idea to the visitor how to reach a certain page. For privacy and security measures, do not disclose too much of personal information about you on your web page.

Hints must be provided to the visitor as to what he finds in the site so that he does not waste his precious time searching for the information not provided here. The information provided on the web page should be useful for the visitor to the site. It should be rich in content. It should be precise and concise. Make a little effort to make it attractive and eye catching. Before launching the web page, check for spelling and grammatical errors. If a visitor likes your web page and finds it useful, they will visit your site again and again. So keep the web page updated with new information. Post the text in narrow columns, so that it will be easier to read without the need to scroll. A great ecommerce solution can definitely help you getting an effective web page together with shopping card and other online transaction stuff.

Test how your webpage design looks, using different computers and different browsers and settings. An updated webpage is sure to attract the attention of many customers and professional web design companies. Anybody in need of a web design company is sure to be impressed by your web page and contact you and this is sure to bring in more ecommerce development. A webpage design maybe simple but if it is effective as it can help by giving you a great customer base attracted by its simplicity and ease.

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You have to go in to the actual coding and place a video. I would recommend hosting it on a site and using their generated code, which would be the easy way. If not, try creating the video with control pad in Flash then dropping the code over to your dreamweaver code.

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