What Is Article Marketing

What is article marketing? The meaning of this marketing practice is different in the context of regular paper publications such as newspapers and magazines as compared to the electronic environment. It is a common practice for local businesses to rely on article marketing to spread word about their business. Thus, they write content related to their domain of activity and then offer it for publication to local newspapers and magazines. Since budgets are often limited, extra content is welcome. The meaning of article marketing is a bit different in the context of Internet usage.

Web developers write articles on the basis of some relevant keywords that best define their domain of activity. They also incorporate some links to their home page in the article content, and then submit the material to web directories. The advantages of this form of article marketing are impressive given the fact that search engines are after fresh informative content. This is in fact the reason why the number of published material constantly increases on the world wide web. What is article marketing for a business?

-a form of very cheap advertising;

-the chance to improve traffic and page ranking with search engines;

-a method to ensure superior business exposure;

-the possibility to create back links and link popularity;

-the opportunity to win returning customers.

Lots of training materials teach people the basics of article marketing. Many e-books and e-guides are really truly enlightening. While for some people the question ‘what is article marketing’ remains problematic, for others the answers bring an improvement in business management on the Internet. Content is usually posted free of charge, you just need to pay a writer to create the material (if you can’t do it yourself) and then create a separate budget for the submission of the articles to well-known directories that do charge a fee.

What is article marketing for an Internet newbie? The truth is that many businesses that now enjoy a good reputation and credibility online, have started small. You can write just an article and then create several versions of it to submit to directories. As long as you provide quality content, and you keep it unique, you have everything to gain with article marketing. Any business owner who understands the importance of this kind of advertising will want to maximize its benefits. You could be one of them. Maybe it’s time you took the article marketing plunge. Good luck!

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