What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

So you might be wondering exactly what is pay per click marketing and why do I hear so much about it. It is steadily becoming when of the quickest and most profitable forms of marketing available on the internet. It is used in all different areas including this website and more common website’s like MSN and Facebook. etc. So lets examine exactly what is pay per click marketing.

Pay Per Click marketing is the form of advertising where the owner gets charged a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on the ad they are running. Which means every time you click on an ad on a website it usually is costing someone else money. Now the amount of money is determined by the company running the ad.

Now the way you go about getting ads put onto a website is very simple and the two main companies that everyone uses are Google and Yahoo. You come up with a catchy slogan and have it approved by those sites and then it gets onto certain websites. You then have to choose the keywords that will trigger your ad to appear. This is where it gets tricky and where you have to do your research to choose the best keywords.

Keywords is what makes pay per click marketing because it separates each campaign. You can easily choose the keyword of the same topic you are promoting. The only problem with that is you are probably not the only one who thought of that. If that is the case then the amount of money you spend per click goes up and you are not guaranteed the first page results. If you decide to go after a keyword not used by many people and still gets a good amount of research you hit the money load. You will still get the traffic and you will not be charged a large amount. Now the charges can range from .01  to over .00 and that’s why it’s so important to do your research on keywords.

So what is pay per click marketing and how does it help with your internet business. To clarify once again it is one of the fastest internet techniques in the internet world today. If you do it correctly and do your research correctly you could see a very profitable campaign.

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