Which Search Engines To Focus Your SEO On?

Which Search Engines To Focus Your SEO On?

Ah the wonderful world of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. I could write all day and night about it (and sometimes I do!).

But the world of SEO and SEM can be confusing (that’s an understatement!) especially if you are somewhat new to the industry. Everyone and his or her brother think they know what the secret is to getting a top search engine ranking and all the free, highly targeted traffic that comes with it.

But the truth is, very few people really know – and the ones that do know, don’t *really* know. Only the search engines themselves really know, the rest of us just trial and error figure it out and piece things together that *mostly* work today.

But then the search engines go and change the rules, and we have to start all over again learning the new rules (that the search engines never tell us!).

And besides, the people that are really good at figuring out these rules and applying them to get good rankings are usually out there DOING it! They are making lots and lots of money either ranking their own web sites and cashing in that way, or working for clients and charging an arm and a leg.

They don’t have time to sit and explain their secrets to you, and they wouldn’t want to anyway! A secret is no longer a secret if everyone knows about it!

Ah, you ask, but you Jason are talking to us today?! What gives?

Well it’s true, I am talking to you today, but I’m not telling you my secrets! I’m here today to share some basic information, common knowledge that you need to know to do any SEO or SEM work but won’t get me in trouble for giving away the store (if you know what I mean!).

So the first thing many people ask me is this: which search engines should I focus on?

That’s an excellent question. There are thousands of search engines out there, millions maybe even. But the fact is, 99.9% of them are completely useless and worthless because no one uses them to search for web sites!

Instead, you really want to focus on just the main three search engines. Those are, in order of importance, Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you have lots of free time you can also focus on ask.com but they are not hardly worth it anymore.

The big three are the ones to focus on, and maybe even just the big 2, Google and Bing, because Yahoo and Bing signed a deal late last year 2009 to allow Yahoo to use Bing search results as the primary search results on Yahoo. So for all intents and purposes, when this agreement goes into effect in the first quarter 2010, there will be no more Yahoo search engine. (Ie, if you get your site listed in Bing, it will show up in Yahoo because Yahoo will be showing Bing search results).

So there you have it, focus on Google and Bing. I usually just focus on Google, because they have 65% of the search traffic in the world and Bing/Yahoo have another 30%.

And see…I haven’t given away any trade secrets at all!

Jason has been writing articles online for over thirteen years. When not writing about SEO, Jason runs a very useful quality office supplies web site where he reviews office supplies pens for your office.

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