Why Do You Want to Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Why Do You Want to Create a Facebook Fan Page?

Here’s the reason you want to create a Facebook fan page: They generate mass exposure effortlessly!

Fan pages can easily go viral and with this intense exposure, you will be able to:

1) Maximize commissions through extended exposure

2) Build a reputation in your niche market

3) Generate MASSIVE traffic to every site you post

4) Beef up your Alexa ranking, instantly!

When you create a Facebook fan page you are essentially setting up a CENTRALIZED TRAFFIC FUNNEL for your entire affiliate campaign. And since creating a fan page is FREE, you are able to start generating exposure at no cost at all.

PLUS – you can create as many Facebook fan pages you wish!

You will also want to make sure that your Facebook profile is completely filled out and include a photo if possible, along with your website URL.

When you create a Facebook fan page… you are entirely anonymous which means that no one knows that YOU are the admin of the page.

This is a great way of promoting affiliate products as well as your own without exposing the fact that you are an affiliate.

Once you create a Facebook fan page, you will be given 100% control over it and will be able to update it as often as you like.

From inside of your Facebook account, click on “Create A Page” or subsequently, if you’re logged in, you can click the link below:


Begin by choosing a local which is basically a category for your page:

Next, choose a name for your page. This should include relevant keywords relating to what your page is going to be about.

For example, if you are going to create a page that centers around a specific niche (like weight loss, acne, pets), you should include your primary niche keyword in the page title.

Click “Create Page”

When your page is first created it will be relatively empty and you will want to spend some time filling out additional details, including adding a photo, image or avatar that represents your fan page, and adding a description so that people searching for specific pages can find yours.

Again, use keywords when creating a description for page.

Make sure that you add your website URL into the text box as shown above. You NEED to enter in the FULL URL, otherwise the link won’t be clickable.

So, My-Website.com will work.

You want to do your best to offer enough information about your fan page to encourage other people to join the group.

Once you have created your fan page you will be able to choose contacts from existing friends or from your e-mail address book and send them an automated message suggesting that they become a fan of the page you just created.

When you’ve created a decent size community of fans (1,000 or more), it’s time to start posting updates that include your cloaked affiliate link as well as direct links to free content and resources that members of your fan page will find useful.

You want to balance out promotional updates with quality broadcast so that you are able to retain your “fans”.

It won’t take long to create a large community of fans, just start by inviting all of your existing Facebook friends, and then searching for new contacts using Facebook’s built in search or by choosing contacts from your different email and social accounts.

You can also create as many different fan pages as you want, with each one focusing on a different niche market.

When you post updates make sure you use the status area so that you are able to generate maximum exposure from your messages.


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Question by Tiger23: How many pages am I allowed to create on Facebook?
I need a page for my business, but also want to have the choice to create more pages later. Is this possible? How many can I create with just one account?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashton Balder
As many as you want

Add your own answer in the comments!

A step-by-step guide on creating and managing business pages on Facebook, brought to you by the HubSpot team.

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