Hot New Membership – WordPress Niche Blogs

I’m seriously blown away (and I’m not easily impressed) by the value in this offer! Karl and Anthony have got all the bases covered here.

I can take these awesome-looking blogs right out of the “box” and use them. That alone is worth more than the asking price!

But to have all the extras these guys throw in makes this one of the best deals on high quality content I’ve ever seen.

If you like the idea of multiple streams of income and you also prefer not to have to work your butt off to achieve it, then you should read every word on this page.

You see, we have created a UNIQUE service whereby we create money-making blogs for you, so you can take them, make them your own, and start profiting straight away.

We know how you feel, we’ve been there ourselves – all the websites tell you it’s easy to make money online, but what have you ACTUALLY learned?

Rather than spend your time creating blogs yourself, we’ve cut out ALL the hard work and created the PERFECT solution for you in the form of an exclusive, member’s only club called “Niche Profit Membership” (NPM).

There are 7 essential elements to a successful niche blog, Niche Profit Memberships gives you all of them right out of the box – see for yourself:

We looked long and hard all over the Internet for a great looking, professional blog theme that we knew would convert well and be flexible enough to change the blog if needed.

Eventually, we chose the “Studiopress Lifestyle Theme” and have heavily customized it to make it suitable for promoting niche affiliate products.

We’ve hired a top class Internet Marketing copywriter to write 5 articles per blog, specifically tailored to the niche that the blog is targetting.

Each blog has a short review of 3 popular Clickbank products so that your blog visitors can read the reviews and buy the products, thus resulting in you earning 50-75% commissions for each sale referred.

It’s no secret that videos are super HOT these days and as such, we’ve included a Youtube video stream directly within your blog.

This is where so many blog owners go wrong. They don’t collect leads from those who visit their blogs, or they do create an opt-in but the offer is poor and so most people ignore it.

With each blog you receive, you get 7 “tips” emails related to the niche and a great looking opt-in form which pops up right in front of the visitor’s nose, so they can’t miss it.

Ultimately, you’re here to make money – and with three revenue streams on each blog, you have every chance of doing so – all you need to do is add traffic, we even show you how to do that.

If you’ve had any experience with traffic generation, then you’ll know that keyword research plays a big part in getting ranked and ultimately getting the right kind of visitors to your blogs.

For each week’s blog, we’ll provide you with a CSV (spreadsheet file), usually with over…